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Scanning the Globe For “Good News” Friday

posted by Jael Ever @ 14:38 PM
September 16, 2011

 Resisting the need to give updates on disasters in America this year (updates which mass media ignores), or to begin Feermeno’s series on leaks in nuclear power plants in this country, the editorial board opted to try another Good News Friday. Of course the board had to search for Good News among “what ifs,” “could be’s,” “if only’s,” “a few,” “soon to be,” “working on,” etc.  Anyway, here goes:

 “The Greenbang Smart Brand Matrix––Smart Cities:  How Brands Compare on Marketing vs. Capability in Smart-City Space” certainly shows promise.  Selling for over 500 British pounds, the report concludes that larger companies may have the capacity to address the need for green power in explosively growing cities around the world.  But apparently, they do not have the agility for change or an ear for new inventions.  Greenbang says that it identifies the communications disconnects, as well as the opportunities for smaller companies and newer ideas.

 Of course, thanks to the actor Brad Pitt, volunteer corporations like Home Depot, and generous donations, some neighborhoods in New Orleans are examples of devastated urban areas remaking themselves into “Green Cities.”   According to Matt Petersen of Global Green, the city’s Sustainable Design Competition makes remarkable contributions to new carbon-neutral communities, greatly reduced energy bills, and healthy living for low-income families––mostly in the future.

 And, thanks to botched foreign trade taking jobs from American workers over the last decades (reminder Stay Positive!)––Hertz Rental Cars and General Electric (supposedly American companies) are now over in China helping that country build a city around all-electric cars.  According to Environmental News Service, “General Electric will install infrastructure to supply electricity to the vehicles.” The two companies will partner on the project.  Mark Frissora, Hertz Chief Executive and Board Chairman, adds: “At the Clinton Global Initiative . . . we announced a commitment to provide electric vehicle access on a global scale, . . .  In less than one year, Hertz is now the leading provider, offering an unparalleled selection of . . . plug-in hybrid electric vehicles in cities worldwide.”

 Hmmm.  Can someone ask Mr. Frissora, Hertz, President Clinton and General Electric when they plan to schedule  electric car cities in the United States?  Or are they aware that the country in which they and their industries were born need jobs here now?  Is their own country not part of the Global Initiative?

 These men should learn Bible prophecies defining such practices: “But if any provide not for his own, and specially for those of his own house, he hath denied the faith, and is worse than an infidel” (1 Timothy 5: 8).  Perhaps these men don’t know what God promises to infidels.  Or maybe they follow the god of money, not aware that this false god leads only to hell!  Reminder: Pray for them!

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