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The United States is seeing Japan’s Radiation Pt. 3

posted by Jael Ever @ 14:19 PM
September 15, 2011

 Radiation in drinking water in some sections of the United States was a problem even before the fallout from Japan’s nuclear accident drifted over this nation.  KHOU 11 Television Station in Houston, Texas, recently completed a series of in-depth reporting on unacceptable levels of radiation in that state, as well as on efforts of local, state and federal governments to cover-up facts about that radiation.  In his KHOU report, Mark Greenblatt says, “Radiation has contaminated the underground pipes, water tanks, and plumbing that provide drinking water for much of Central Texas and the famed Texas Hill Country . . .”

 Local officials who monitor the pipes say that “the contamination comes from years of exposure to drinking water that already tests over federal legal limits for radioactive radium.”  They add that water tested before running through the pipes may add even more radiation.  “It’s a serious concern,” City of Brady Manager James Minor said. “These pipes have so much radioactivity in them, metal recycling places refer to them as they’re ‘hot.’”

 Some excuse such radiation as “natural.”  But others insist it comes from oil rigs, space science industries, and other post-modern inventions.  Today, societies accept electrical power as necessary to provide jobs and domestic “necessities.” Building economic systems on the comforts that electrical power brings to business environments and to living quarters––i.e. heat, cooking, lighting, laundry, air conditioning, etc.––corporations and governments enhanced those energy sources with extremely dangerous nuclear power.  Many of these enhancements are unnecessary ––i.e. clothes dryers rather than outside clothes lines; powered furnaces rather than wood-burning fireplaces, etc.  Such inventions have been “forced” on the public through advertisement, social pressure or local ordinances.

 As pointed out yesterday, both the FDA and EPA admit that there are undeniable amounts of risk with the use of nuclear power.  They also agree that if radiation does kill ”a few” people with cancer, it would take years for the sickness to appear.   But in no way could victims know that the cause was contact with radiation poison years ago.  What industrial giants deny is that God knows, and He will justifiably and eternally punish those who sanction such “indirect” murder.

 As the Book of Revelation details the killing of two thirds of earth’s population, nuclear explosions will be one weapon of death.  People will die at explosion sites, and a large number will die from huge tracks of radiation circling the globe.  However, when The Lord Jesus Christ begins His reign here––after Satan, and his followers are caged in the flames of hell––He will eviscerate nuclear power.  His method for business and residential power will be the presence of God’s new headquarters on earth.  His Word also speaks of increasing brightness of harmless sun, and the absence of night (Isaiah 30: 26, Revelation 22: 5, etc.).

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