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Japan’s Radioactive Poison Now Float Into the United States, Pt. 2

posted by Jael Ever @ 10:39 AM
September 14, 2011

 To make the fallout of nuclear radiation from leaks in Japan’s reactors even more alarming:  Apparently the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) is dodging the truth about the real dangers of radiation levels in America’s food, air and water.  Now, for some “fuzzy” reason, EPA wants reporters to use of the “Derived Intervention Level” (of nuclear particles) by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as preferable to EPA’s own recently-announced standards.

 By EPA’s yardstick, no more than 3 picoCuries per liter of radioactive isotopes, like iodine-131 and cesium-137, is allowable.  But the FDA says that up to 4,700 picoCuries of iodine-131 in a liter of milk and up to 33,000 picoCuries of cesium-137 is safe.  While EPA’s standard assumes that there would be no more than one additional cancer fatality per million from such exposure, FDA considers it acceptable if TWO additional people in a population of 10,000 dies from such radiation.  Too shorten more “doublespeak:” the FDA standard assumes it to be acceptable that MORE people will die from radiation exposure.

 What is perhaps most alarming is that EPA only monitors for iodine, but not cesium or other radioactive isotopes. Are other poisonous ones out there as well?  Also, EPA has pulled monitors out of actively affected areas in Washington State, Oregon and California––apparently because readings there were too high. 

 According to blogger Alexander Higgins, an EPA official in Ohio admitted that Iodine radiation even at 3 Picocuries per liter is dangerously high.  Moreover Higgins incorporates research by bloggers Chargirl, Mothra, rickcromack and daviddelosangeles to conclude that FDA is being less than honest.  Chargirl concludes that FDA’s Derived Intervention Levels (acceptable amounts of radiation) “do not define a safe or unsafe level of exposure, but instead a level at which protective measures would be recommended to ensure that no one receives a significant dose.”  More fuzziness!  What on earth is a “significant dose?”

 As pointed out in yesterday’s blog, Physicians for Social Responsibility say that the tiniest amount of radiation––much less “a significant dose”––is deadly.  Thank God these bloggers side with the doctors, who also know the truth.

 Unlike governmental agencies feeding the American people massive untruths, and national media ignoring radiation altogether, internet researchers struggle against “the machine” to tell the truth.  Removing measuring apparatus because readings are too high, changing standards from one agency to another, evading analysis of radiation levels––all done to support officials who refuse to dismantle nuclear power!  In Bible prophecies, The Lord Jesus Christ says: “Ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free!” (John 8: 32).  Refusing His direction, American leaders hide truths, making sure citizens are neither safe nor free!  Christians are still free, however, to pray that truth is exposed.  Hopefully, they are doing so!

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