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Results of Irene: Regions of New York and Vermont May Be No More

posted by Sarah N Worthy IATTWJ Member @ 20:11 PM
September 7, 2011

 While thoughtful citizens contemplate the now 700 homes burned away by the Texas fires, they should keep in mind that citizens in the Northeast are still staggering from the 600 homes that Hurricane/Tropical Storm Irene washed away into nothingness.  In addition to the six deaths in New York, Governor Andrew M. Cuomo says that damage in his state exceeds a billion dollars. That damage is particularly felt in upper New York State, and throughout the state of Vermont.   

        Quaint towns, well-noted well noted in American Literature, such as Washington Irving’s “Rip Van Winkle” and “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow,” may well be totally destroyed.  In my opinion, politicians, news outlets and media pundants on the national stage have not fully communicated how Irene has so decimated whole sections of the Northeast that they may be beyond restoration.

 In the Catskills of upstate Up-state New York, Irene abolished centuries of history, culture, homes and businesses.  Of 191 rescue operations in New York, 124 were in the Catskills.  Irene squashed roads into mud, slung bridges into raging creeks swollen immeasurably larger than anyone could imagine, lifted homes and businesses off their foundations as if they were matchsticks, not to mention her swaths of downed trees and power lines, and flipped-over cars and trucks.

 For instance, at age 34, Kory O’Harra operates O’Hara’s Service Station in Prattsville, New York, a business that his family has operated since 1925, covering five generations.  When WNYC News asked him where his station was, O’Hara answered, “In the reservoir.  Everything’s gone.  My life is gone.”

 As Town Supervisor for four years, he adds “We’ve lost a lot of businesses that employed a lot of people, and . . .  people who aren’t going to be around here for a long time because their homes are gone.  Main Street, Prattsville, is a total loss.  We just don’t know where we’re headed.”  Also, because their town is located in a flood plain, most residents and businesses don’t have flood insurance.

 The same gut-wrenching stories are repeated in upstate New York towns, such as Windham, Margaretville, Tannersville, Tivoli, Saratoga, Jewett, Maplecrest, etc.  In his post SurvivalGuy, on Gotham, lists the items that can be donated to residents in that area of New York’s Delaware County. Cash donations can be sent to:  Delaware Opportunities, State Highway 10, Hamden, N.Y.; Oneonta Ford Inc. State Hwy 23 Oneonta, N.Y.; or Catholic Charities, 15 S. Main Street, Oneonta, N.Y.  His website also has specific household items and school supplies needed as well as where to drop them.

 Tomorrow, I will likewise report on the similar horrible devastations in Vermont.
 Meanwhile, as we on this blog always beg you, please pray for the survival of our nation.  Remember, that James says in Bible prophecies:  “The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much (James 5: 16).”

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