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Hurry! Hurry! URGENT Post Labor Day News Specials!

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September 6, 2011

 Late Breaking News as We Rush to Press 9/6/11!  Jael has asked us, The Newspaper Boys and Girls Association, Int’l, to summarize the news after the holiday because so much URGENT NEWS––Massive Drought-Caused Fires in Texas; Tropical Storm Lee Brings Flooding and Tornadoes from South to Vermont; Katia Now Lasting Hurricane; More Earthquakes in Sumatra, and Alaska, etc.; Spreading Famine in Somalia Killing Thousands; U.S. Urban Gun Killings Explode; Defensive Preparations for 911 Ten Year Anniversary––is ongoing!

 In Texas, where unstoppable wild fires continue to destroy some 3.5 million drought-stricken acres, 500 homes and counting have now been destroyed, and thousands more are threatened.  Winds driving some 40 dry brush fires have pushed thousands into shelters.  Most don’t expect to see their homes again!
 Never reaching hurricane status, Tropical Storm Lee has hundreds all along the East Coast walking again in above knee-deep in flood waters.  And some residents, especially in Vermont express fear that their state just cannot weather more flooding.  But forecasters hope that Lee’s rainy and flooding presence will at least push threatening Hurricane Katia further away––out into the Atlantic Ocean.

 News outlets have barely noted that 2.5-6.5 and upwards earthquakes have shaken grounds in the Solomon and Kermadec Islands, Sumatra, Japan, Puerto Rico, and several parts of Alaska, and even in Utah.
 And, as we stand on the internet corner and go door to door with the news, The Newspaper Boys and Girls Association, Int’l, is taking donations for CARE to keep people alive in Somalia.  Droughts without mercy are fast killing mostly children on the Horn of Africa.  The United Nations says that a billion plus more money is need to feed those starving.  Donations can go to:;;; & samaritan’

 To get in-depth grasps of these and other stories, Jael has assigned Ida Mae Well IV to cover the urban shootings; Maleekie Ambularie to report on the spreading famine in Somalia; Ally I. Feermeno to uncover the truth about recent hurricanes affecting East coast nuclear plants; and Sarah Newsworthy to do in-depth reporting on the real damage that Hurricane Irene has brought to farmers in Vermont, New Jersey and upper New York.   And, after writing other blogs and completing complex research, Jael will reveal the truth about international ownership of the nation’s utility companies causing continuous power outages.
 As Jael often pleads:  It is time for Christians to pray! In Bible prophecies, Isaiah writes:  “When the enemy shall come in like a flood, the Spirit of The LORD shall lift up a standard against him (59: 19b).  We newspaper boys and girls praying, ask The Lord to please help the United States and others around the world.

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