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Hurry! Hurry! Labor Day News Special!

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September 2, 2011

 Hurry! Hurry!  Hurry!  Get your Labor Day special news spread at Earthend-New  Read about struggles to recover from Hurricane Irene, and see how continuing violent weather activities threaten the United States and around the world.  Always get the latest on these and other stories affecting you and the nation from the paper boys and girls at this site, including:

     Both the East and Gulf Coasts now threatened by tropical storms, nee Hurricanes, as Tropical Storm Lee sets to pound New Orleans and the Caribbean over the Labor Day Weekend. Some experts say that (after the spending of billions in repairs) the New Orleans levies are no more stronger now to withstand the expected 20 plus inches of rain than they were during Hurricane Katrina!
     As President Obama visits states where there is great damage from Irene, there is consideration of how to rebuild places suffering the greatest disruption.  In addition to roads and bridges needing rebuilding, officials say that now is the time to put in underground wiring, and solar and wind power.  Keep up with the story about the billions of dollars in costs to rebuild states such as Vermont and New Jersey here at

     And certainly after Labor Day, the resistance to the Keystone Pipeline will continue.  Some say that, because oil from tar sands hass twice the potency of other gas emissions,  if this pipeline is built, it will drive Climate Change temperatures beyond human endurance.  Read about the arrests of actress Daryl Hannah (of “Splash” and “Kill Bill” fame) and James Hansen, head of NASA’s Goddard Institute for Space Studies, as part of the protest against the Keystone Pipeline at the White House.  Dr. Hansen was among the first noted scientists to warn the world about the dangers of Global Warming.  Be sure to catch our stories on protest hearings in Nebraska where the new pipeline may endanger pure waters from the Ogallala aquifer. 

     Plus, be sure to catch the latest on the best Fall and Winter “Stay Safe, Warm, Dry and Well-Fed” precautions from our expert bloggers, John, Jude, Bea and Ethel, and other specialists across the nation.  And they’ll surely tell you to stock up now on wholesale Christian sweatshirts to get ready for cold weather.

     Remember, the writers and news boys and girls of this blog, as well as our staff at I.E. Plexus, are dedicated to bringing you the latest news in the light of God’s Holy Word.   And That Word tells us what to do regardless of whether the world brings good news or bad news:  “Be ye also patient; stablish your hearts: for the coming of the Lord draweth nigh (James 5: 8).”  So we’ll all be here next week, after Labor Day, with the all news as foretold in God’s Everlasting Word of Salvation and Truth!

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