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John: Repriestly Done Called For Urgent Prayer! Let’s Get To It!

posted by Uncle John @ 16:26 PM
September 1, 2011

 John:  Ok ya’ll hears Dr. Repriestly’s call for urgent prayer, and repentance.  Y’all has eny thoughts on this?

 Jude:  Yas.  I’s sayd hers prayers tons o’ times.  En I’s added prayers o’ my own.  I’s prayed too for our boys fightin’ en dem places lik’ Iraq and Afganistan.

 Ethel:  En I’s adds da God keeps da childrens safe. En dat them kids stuck in dem mountin’s is rescued.  Dis is ridiculos.  Da greatis countr’ en dis sher world, en we kant eben rescue ours own peoples en trouble.  Somethin’s wrong!  We’s must ask God da forgives us immediates.

 Bea:  En I’s gettin’ togethr anether prayer group.  That’ll make five al togethar.  We’s prayin Repriesntly’s ideis askin foe forgivenin’ and some o’ us got out dem ole time Christian prayer books askin God to set ours nation arite!

 John:  Dems all es great news.  By da way, Maybellyne asks da join ours prayin’ times.  She surely enjoy’d da picnic, and she’s changin’ hers mind ‘bout Mis Jael.  Shes eben say she’s gonna get dem peoples down thar da prayen.

 Jude:  She sudda liked it.  She ates enugh!  Its ok wid me.  How’s bout youes gals?  Member, Rev. Repriestly says we’s  gots to forgives everybody. 

 Ethel:  Oh mys.  She seem’d hev problms wid me en mys gran chillen at da picnic.  But ifen its ok with youns, it be ok wid me.  Oh, say John, dem Christian childrens t-shirts was wunderfal.  Thes em just da best. Da kids love em!

 Bea:  Well, she be loud enugh! En John my groups wants et least three dozens of dem’s plus size Christian sweatshirts wes can wear dis fall!

 John:  Ok. Ok. Greats.  So let’s all join in Repriestly’s prayers:  “Dear God, On bended knees and with tears in our eyes, we ask You to forgive da ways that we, as believers in the United States have sinned against You.  We have not loved ech anothersor prayed for ech another as we ought;  en wes certain has not prayes fer ours nation, and em leaders.  En wes ain’t forgiv’n ech another.  En we ain’t prayes fer dem lost souls, en we ain’t truly asked You for Yours types o’ revival en ours hoses en churches.  Instead, we’s pley’d en dem pathens o’ thes shar world, en now wes, en ours nation, wes payin’ da backslidinger bills.

 “Father, wes humble usens, en wes truestly prays fer thems peoples stuck en Vermont, New Jersey, New York en other states, en for thems en dangero’s ways en Oklahoma and Texas.  Plese tek em to safes places, Father.  Please spare all lifes en leg sos we’ll get chance tos serve You doin good en no ly’en.  En wes pray for da President, em Cabinet, en dem peoples en Congress en all ours governments––Ya knew Lord, dem boys en police, nations guardians, dem doing da rescuers and first ens da get thar––dat You give em safety en good sense always.  En dem Holy Name of Ours Only Savior En Lord, Jesus Christ,  wes pray.  Amen.”

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