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Most Expensive Weather Year in Insurance History

posted by Jael Ever @ 16:28 PM
August 24, 2011

 As this blog goes to press, the United States is reeling from a massive earthquake that reached far up the East Coast, and is simultaneously preparing for an approaching over Category 3 Hurricane, named Irene.  Thus, more damage to property and life is expected.  And, according to insurance industry records, by the end of 2011, this will be the most expensive year for weather-related damage claims the country has ever experienced.  Moreover, weather scientists expect this year to be a very heavy hurricane season that will go far into the fall months.

 Reuters News Service reported last week, “The United States has already tied its yearly record for billion-dollar weather disasters and the cumulative tab from floods, tornadoes and heat waves has hit $ 35 billion, the National Weather Service said.”  According to casualty reinsurer Munich Reinsurance America, natural disasters in the United States have tripled since the end of last century, and 250 natural disasters last year broke all records.  Already from January to June this year, there has been $ 20 billion dollars in losses from thunderstorms alone.

 Deborah Netburn reports in the Los Angeles times that the most expensive disasters this year were “ the series of  tornadoes that hit the central and southern states from April 25-30. States affected include Alabama, Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Georgia, Tennessee, Virginia, Kentucky, Illinois, Missouri, Ohio, Texas and Oklahoma. A total of 305 tornadoes swept through those states, causing total losses greater than $9 billion.”  Over 327 people were killed in those tornadoes.  She adds that droughts, heat waves and wild fires also caused loses in a wide swath of the nation.

 The National Oceanic and Atmosphere Administration (NOAA) asks communities to better prepare by disasters by:  1) Increasing disaster preparedness drills; 2) Improving weather advisory wording to give better understanding so that people will stop taking unnecessary risks; 3) In addition to radio and television, using social media to spread the word about weather warnings; 4) And doing everything possible to let people know that more violent weather systems are “the new normal” and must not be taken lightly.  Events his year also proven that if more communities had safe disaster shelters, fewer lives would have been lost.

 However, casualty reporting companies and government agencies avoid ascribing blame to Global Warming.  That is a pity, for it absolves public officials from acting more decisively against the destructiveness coming from man-made climate changes.  In His Bible prophecies, The Lord Jesus Christ said it was best for people to know the truth for it would set them free (John 8: 32).  He also said that the knowledge of Who He Is becomes the greatest truth anyone can have (John 14: 6).  Because leaders refuse to deal with Global Warming, it is most important that everyone knows and believes in The Savior for all time on earth is running out.

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