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Riots, Stock Markets and “Ignorance” of Global Warming

posted by Jael Ever @ 14:33 PM
August 11, 2011

 The riots in London, stock market fluctuations and the media’s assault on Global Warming––all make clear that a two-tier attention span radiates in the Western world and beyond.  National political and economic leaders, and the media outlets they generally control, insist upon running the world as though what the few of them want is alone important, that they alone know what is best for the “general” good, and that what they deem important is all that really matters––when in fact the opposite may well be true.

 One of the rioters in London remarked to a news reporter to the effect:  “Last week over two thousand of us marched in protest over our pitiful poverty, lack of jobs, and no hope for the future, and the media completely ignored our peaceful march.  But I bet you hear us now, don’t you?”  Why, as London’s media explodes with news over the fall of a newspaper baron, would the same media ignore a march of two thousand people?  Media moguls ignore such events because: 1) They hope to contain such protests to keep them from spreading; 2) They consider them insignificant in light of other events, such as stock market ups and downs; 3) They do what those in political and financial power want them to do.

 As Britain’s conservative government imposed new austerity measures in order to please financial analysis like Standard and Poor’s, it did so without regard for the millions of people who would be adversely affected.  As Nina Power of the Guardian explains?  “The policies of the past year may have clarified the division between the entitled and the dispossessed in extreme terms, but the context for social unrest cuts much deeper.” And now that the rioters have gotten the attention of the media and the world, the British Prime Minister threatens to cut off the internet’s social networks which seems to have allowed rioters to communicate.

 The same social unrest has swept across the Middle East where, despite their control of military and police forces, ruling families fall, as though societal foundations were crumbling away.  In Egypt and other parts of the Middle East, the internet has also been the people’s way of communicating what is important to them.  And urgent to people everywhere are the dreadful affects of Global Warming.  How much longer can governments and media expect to minimize the truth about Global Warming?  How much longer can they refuse to publicly connect the dots between extreme weather patterns, drought, famine, high human mortality rates, animal extinctions, melting ice poles, rising sea levels, etc.

 One of the most famous Bible prophecies is: “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge: because thou hast rejected knowledge, I will also reject thee . . .” (Hosea 4: 6a).  In other words, they didn’t know because they didn’t want to know.  And today, media and world leaders do not want to know about Global Warming.  Like the London riots, such feigned ignorance only leads to destruction!

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