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More People, Less Water; Hotter Global Warming, No Water, Part 3

posted by Jael Ever @ 10:46 AM
August 10, 2011

 Drought conditions have gotten so bad that the manager of  Big Spring, Texas, is going to use NASA’s system to recycle toilet water.  Texas relies on water from Lakes Buchanan, Travis and Mead all of which feed the lower Colorado River.  But 70 years ago, those lakes were created by damming that same River.  Now seven states––Colorado, Utah, New Mexico, Wyoming, Nevada, Arizona and California––along with Mexico, depend upon water from the Colorado River.  And that source of supply is quickly drying up.  The urgently important Lake Mead now has a water level that is down some 50 feet.  And, although the Colorado River’s water flow fluctuates, like Mead, its levels are battling drought conditions.
 Thus, the battle over water is on in the Southwest––and that includes water-hungry industries and vast agricultural farms that must have water for production.  And amid the uproar, some cities look for new sources of this most important liquid of life, including toilet recycling.   John Grant, District Manager of Big Spring, told Irene Klotz of Discovery News: “We’re taking treated effluent (wastewater), normally discharged into a creek, and blending it with (traditionally supplied potable) water.”  He adds that this system will speed up the natural process of discharged water flowing through wetlands.  But cities in New Mexico and California have been stressing water conservation and high water taxes for some time, and they may now double down for more.  

 Michael Milstein, revealed in Popular Mechanics magazine that the seven states that depend on the Colorado River funded a study in 2008 for solutions to the water shortage problem.  They are now studying ways to implement some of the five major recommendations:  1) Building desalination plants for use in California, allowing Las Vegas to use more of the Colorado River water; 2) Constructing pipelines to run water from the Pacific Northwest; 3) Using tanker ships to import water from Alaska to California and the Southwest; 4) Killing salt-cedar plants and trees that can drink up 200 gallons of water a day; 5) Conservation programs, including storage of overflows from storms, and limiting industrial use of water in power plants and mass agriculture, while treating agricultural industrial wastewater to make it potable.

 Bible prophecies make clear that water is a symbol of the presence of God’s Holy Spirit among a people.  Several Bible verses indicate that lack of abundant water should be interpreted as God’s presence receding.  One of the best known verses is Jeremiah 2:13 “For my people have committed two evils; they have forsaken me the fountain of living waters, and hewed them out cisterns, broken cisterns, that can hold no water.”  Politics, technology or vacuous public praying cannot substitute for the presence of God in a country’s life.  As this site has stated before, now is the time for “fall on one’s face” repentance prayers for God’s mercy.

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