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The Politics of Denial and Arctic Drilling for Oil and Gas

posted by Jael Ever @ 11:28 AM
August 1, 2011

 It may well be that some of those who deny the truth about Global Warming have an agenda other than the safety and protection of the American people.  And part of that agenda may well be the opportunity for multi-mega dollar energy corporations to drill for oil and gas in the Arctic now that Global Warming is melting all the ice at the top of the globe.  But perhaps politicians and money grubbers need to be reminded of several factors: 1) Both the Arctic (North) and Antarctic (South) poles are extremely vital to continuing safe balance of the earth; 2) The shifting of these poles seems to influence increasing volcanic activities, potential catastrophic shifting earth’s tectonic plates, and other expansions of weather anomalies; 3) That scientists have absolutely no idea how drilling in the Arctic will further exacerbate negative impacts of Global Warming on all life.

 To address some of these issues, Interior Secretary Ken Salazar ordered a report in March 2010 on possible environmental affects of drilling for oil in the Arctic.  That report issued last week presented no definite conclusions, but simply outlined what is still unknown about the region. Salazar said of the report: “There is significant potential for oil and gas development in U.S. Arctic waters, but this is a frontier area with harsh weather conditions as well as unique fish and wildlife resources that Alaska’s indigenous people rely on for subsistence.”  Salazar further hedges his position: “This study is helpful in assessing what we know and will help inform determinations about what we need to know to develop our Arctic energy resources in the right places in the right way.”

 In his blog for, “Turmoil in the Midwest Makes the Arctic Look Balmy for New Oil Drilling,” johbowermaster points out:  “Roughly 13 percent of the planet’s undiscovered oil and 30 percent of the world’s undiscovered natural gas is trapped below the icy waters of the Arctic. Both publicly and behind-the-scenes there are intense, ongoing political fights going on over who will get to drill for and profit from it all.”  Further, Jim DiPeso, in his article for The Daily Green, “Arctic Oil Drilling:  The Knowns and the Known Unknowns,” confirms that the Coast Guard or any relative agency has not equipment or manpower for massive operations in Arctic regions in case of an oil spill.  Hence mega-disaster!

 But regardless of these risks, dangers and public resistance, corporate scions will drill in the Arctic.  Are they well aware that the same Global Warming that melts the Arctic is meanwhile killing hundreds of people on the rest of the globe?  Of course they are!  And they don’t care.  Bible prophecies make clear that a special place in hell awaits those who would kill people, animals and plant life with the Global Warming needed to melt Arctic ice in order to garner riches from oil and gas.  Those for whom money is more important than life are especially allied with Satan:  “For the love of money is the root of all evil” (1 Timothy 6: 10).

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