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Joplin, Missouri: America’s Global Warming Dilemma, Part 2

posted by Jael Ever @ 10:48 AM
July 27, 2011

As residents of Joplin, Missouri, wait for their city’s return to “normalcy,” one thing they have common with others in the modern world––even in the midst of record-breaking disasters––is the desire for life to remain the same, or after calamities, at least return to the status quo. But if governments around the world would tell their citizens the truth about Global Warming, they would also prepare them for change, disruptions and re-orientation of national priorities. This won’t be an easy task, however, because people––especially in the Western world––expect the comforts of stability and comparative wealth to remain forever.

For instance, Germany’s government seemed to all sensible persons to be on the right track in its determination to end nuclear energy in the wake of Japan’s destructive tsunami. And yet, some Germans are quite upset that new energy plants will obstruct some of the land’s natural beauty. Writing for Reuters, Bob Strong explains: “Before Germany decided to shutter its 17 nuclear power plants by 2022, few had ever heard of Hotzenwald, a nature preserve at the southern tip of the Black Forest, in the prosperous state of Baden-Württemberg.” It is on this spot that engineers plan to build a hydropower electricity storage facility. But Strong reports this project would destroy hundreds of acres of natural beauty: “Now, as the government retreats from nuclear energy in favor of renewables, many will watch this bucolic spot as the testing ground for Germany’s ambitious green future.” Even some members of the usually liberal Green party resist the changes necessary in returning to traditional energy sources: “. . . opposition to green energy technology (often from the Greens themselves) looms as a major roadblock” One scientist says that German citizens once complained, “We don’t need wind energy, we don’t want it. Now people say we want wind energy but not in our backyard.”

Likewise, in the United States, communities like the one in Fair Lawn, New Jersey, don’t want the streets of their  homesteads cluttered with energy saving solar panels attached to light poles. According to Juan Arredondo of The New York Times, Fair Lawn residents want the panels removed because they interfere with “a pastoral view of a soccer field and the woods from their 1920s colonial-style” homes. And here the PSE&G utility company thought they were doing the right thing with this solar panel plan that will provide 23 percent of the area’s electricity.

In addition to honest governments, the western world needs revival among Christian institutions so that people in Joplin, Germany and New Jersey are reminded that life on earth is temporary, and that Jesus Christ was born, crucified and resurrected so that His followers will indeed have eternal life. Moreover, pastors, evangelists and prophets must expound on the Book of Revelation which makes clear that earth is now on such a downward spiral that people will look to the antiChrist to restore order. Like Hitler, he will instead plunge them into chaos!

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