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Now or Never––Attack Global Warming! Part 2

posted by Jael Ever @ 11:18 AM
July 15, 2011

Scientists who have studied Arctic permafrost are well aware that not abating the melting of polar ice caps will have more than expected catastrophic results––i.e. even more dangerous carbon production, thereby bringing more heat and bad weather anomalies to an even hotter planet.  But rather than using their influence to warn world leaders about the alluvion horrors that total meltdown of Arctic ice caps will bring, some scientists would welcome that havoc so that they could re-invent the prehistoric world.

 In its blog, “The Melting Arctic,” the Los Angeles Times sounds the alarm: “The trouble is that the Arctic is warming faster than anywhere in the world. And there are tons––literally, hundreds of billions of tons––of global warming gases currently sequestered in the permafrost there.”  Those released gases would include methane (CH4) which would be 20 times the strength of the carbon dioxide (CO2) presently trapped in earth’s atmosphere.  The meltdown would mean that 55 billion tons of methane “could be released from beneath Siberian lakes alone.”

 On the other end of the melting permafrost spectrum are some notable scientists who can’t wait until the permafrost is thoroughly melted so that they can get to the remains of prehistoric animals and use DNA frozen for untold eons to clone those animals for existence in today’s world.  In their published lecture, “Permafrost of Siberia and Alaska––the Freezer of the Genetic Material of the Ice Age,” A. Tikhonov and B. Buigues posit:  “At present, after successful experiments of cloning animals, there emerged the prospect of cloning of extinct animals (like mammoths) or disappearing animal species. In addition, the gene potential of the micro-organisms has been studied very poorly too. Permafrost zones are very interesting from this point of view as nature-formed conditions intended for long-term storage.” 

 According to Ciara Curtin of Scientific American, other scientists––such as Eva-Marie Geigl, co-leader of the Epigenome and Paleogenome at the Jacques Monod Institute in Paris, and Eske Willerslev, Director of the Centre for Ancient Genetics at the University of Copenhagen––apparently agree with the Russians.

 Lord Help!  Are they serious?  Do they really believe that Nature stored pre-historic animals killed en-masse in the prior time(s) of total earth destruction (as indicated in Genesis 1: 1 – 2, Jeremiah 4: 23 – 27, 2 Peter 3: 5 – 7) merely for long-term storage, so that those now dead animals can be artificially re-created to live in this very different world?  In his Bible prophecies, the Apostle Peter refers to that pre-historic era as “the world that then was.” Attempting to re-make the “world that then was,” a time and place that God has already destroyed, is as absurd as today’s world leaders ignoring the rapidly melting permafrost, and doing little of nothing to stop the chaos that Global Warming has coming to this age that now is.

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