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The Message: Move Against Global Warming or Else!

posted by Jael Ever @ 20:06 PM
July 8, 2011

Apparently few have noticed, and even less discuss it, but America’s Midwest is suffering devastating attacks from natural disasters.  Between record floods, unstoppable wildfires, and shocking tornadoes in states from North Dakota to Texas, this spring and summer, residents and businesses have yet to recover.  

 Nature’s Spring 2011 move against Middle America began in April with the wildfires that spread through Texas.  On April 10th, CNN stated that these wild fires were the worst in that state’s history; and the Washington Post reported that by the time the burning was done some 400,000 acres covering 655 square miles had been destroyed.  In his article for The Cattleman Magazine titled “West Texas Wildfires 2011––Ecological Impacts and Recovery,” Steve Nelle reveals that the fires created massive soil erosion, increasing rain runoffs, loss of grazing land for cattlemen, and decreases of bird, deer, wild turkeys and other wildlife––all meaning that ranch economies and hunting markets will be affected.

 But the disaster that hit Oklahoma at the end of April exceeded all expectations:  The U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) labeled the raging waters from the Illinois River that swept through Oklahoma, and also hit Arkansas and Missouri, as the “500-Year Flood.”  That flood was accompanied by thunderstorms and tornadoes. Hundreds of homes and businesses were damaged or destroyed, sections of highways and roads were washed away, as well as water main lines.  Eleven were confirmed dead in neighboring Arkansas.

 Oklahoma was hit even harder by oversized, multi-layered tornadoes in the next few weeks in May.  Over 1,000 homes and businesses absorbed destruction, whole towns and communities were walloped in that state alone.  While Oklahoma officials claim only 10 people died, across the region in Kansas, Arkansas and Missouri, a total of some 238 people were said to have been killed. While tornadoes ripped through those areas, floods were cutting dangerous swaths in Montana.  As much as two-thirds of that state had up to six inches of rain dumped to aid the flood waters that came from harsh winter and late spring snow storms.  Roads, bridges, culverts and farm fields rocked southeastern Montana.

 In June, nature’s eye turned again toward North Dakota and Missouri.  The Associated Press (AP) reported that some 11,000 residents were forced to evacuate from the city of Minot, N.D., where officials said it was the worse flooding in 40 years, and, after filling thousands of sand bags, Missouri volunteers feared there would not be enough sand to last the summer.  Also in June and extending into July are the fierce wildfires decimating Texas, New Mexico and Arizona.

 Nature is sending this nation a warning to move aggressively against Global Warming––which is the bases for these anomalies. Or God––as  wholesale Christian Bibles state repeatedly––is demanding that America repent!  Our choice!

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