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Joe’s First Night On The Entry to Hell’s Death

posted by Jael Ever @ 10:28 AM
July 5, 2011

Violently belching, as if relieving bubbles of emptiness, Mother Earth dumped Joe onto a flat circular well-lit area.  Joe could see much of a huge plain, but a thin veil of steam covered the other side.  He could see that the circle’s edge, several feet ahead of him, ended in a deep drop off into a humongous black hole of fire.  And he could also see tubes and tunnels all around him with human souls similarly dumped out tunnels, people of all races, ages and colors, struggling to crawl back into the tunnels, trying to climb back up to the earth.

 Joe felt greatly weakened by his sufferings in the tunnel, but he was glad to be in the light and to see others.  But he was soon aware of new urgencies. Even in this lit place, heat more extreme than in the tunnel sweltered.  And he could see up to earth.  The street riots continued to rage in his absence.  He called out to everyone he recognized, but none responded.  He even saw various ones killed in the riots simply fall into the holes at the top of the mountain.  He wanted to go over and see who they were, but the rim of the fiery hole was just too crowded.  So many people crammed onto the circle. Even as he tried to keep his eyes riveted on the earth over his head, however, he could not help but notice thousands, even millions, of people standing on the edge of crags near the top the mountain, some of them being pushed off the cliff.   Even as they tried to stop the inevitable descent fighting to get back, the crowds behind them kept pushing them in.
 Those dropping off the cliff and tumbling down thousands of feet would hit the flat circle with thuds and splats, yet still live.  As Joe watched dumbfounded, towering giant flat-footed snarling green beasts would scoop the fallen ones  and throw them into huge two-wheeled wagons.   Squirming feet and arms hung out of the wagons, as people kicked and screamed to get out.  A few who did, tried to find hiding places.  But they found only illusions of empty lairs.

 Joe saw their yelling, but he could hear nothing.  When the monsters got the wagons to the edge of the circle, they dumped the fallen ones into the abyss.  Joe watched with further astonishment as a few of those, who had avoided or jumped out of the wagons, fell on their knees, crying out in prayer.  And he heard them.

 One said, “Dear God, my uncle taught me how to pray.  Please forgive me.  I promise not to live that way again.”  Another screamed out, “Oh God, I repent, please don’t leave my soul in hell.  I promise I will serve you.  I will never leave you again.”  And Joe shook with fear and sickness as he watched some of those praying, fly back up, even over the pushing crowds.  After he overheard their prayers, Joe thought, or tried to scream, “How the hell did they do that?  How the hell do you get out of here.”
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