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Dear God, Please Bless These United States Always!

posted by Jael Ever @ 10:27 AM
July 4, 2011

John:  I done called this Prayer Meetin’ fo’ early today before we’ll start celebratin’ and picnicin’ for the 4th with our families.  Jael, them women journalists peoples, Taryn and the workers at I.E. Plexus and everyone on our team joins us in prayer and thanksgiving to  celebrate our nation’s birthday.

It is important fo us to remember that most o’ours’ churches round ‘hare stopped meetin’ for prayin’in the 1960s, and that since then these ‘shar schooled pastors has put ‘n Bible Study for Wednesday night prayin’.  Since that time, evil has laid en more and more sway over families round sher and everywhar’ in da nation.  Tain’t much prayin’ for revivals en world missions any more cause everthang’s done taken a back seat to politicin’.  I done ask’d Jude to start us up!

Jude:   Dearest God yousis is Pa-Pa to us all.  Yousis is really Pa-pa to dis sher whole nation.  And we’s all sher to thank Ya fer bein’ so good to us.  Fer ya blessin’ our great nation da still be da best on earth.  Ya’s has seen us thro two tough World Wars, and tougher awful littler ones after that.

Pa-pa we’s need Ya to bless  too our soldiers on the battle fields, and please takes care of all of thems done come home.  En John en me en all o’ us sher wants to ask Ya to please forgive us and our’s country for the sins we’s all done commited.  We’s sher ta stand in the gap for ours country likes Ya say in dat book o’ Ezekiel.  Plese Lord, accept our prayers, en show us what we needs to do.

Ethel:  My prayer is fo’ famillee’s to celebrate the 4th by comin’ back together.  In these hard days, not much is more important than forgivin’ en lovin’ one another.  En please helps our childrens to grow up knowin’ ‘bout Jesus.

Bea:  Dear God, I want to thank Ye for everthang I h’ve learnd about from readin’ earthend-newbeginning, and from the ‘phone prayer meetens John and Jude been havin’.

I now knows how import tis for me for prays for my country.  Plese Sir, tells me if en’ Ya wants me to start havin’ praying meets in my home on Friday even’s.  And, cause Ya’s beens teachin me to love everybody, I wants Ethel to come too.

Taryn:  Father, we thank You for chances to witness on the internet.  Please give us new ways to tell people about how You’ve blessed America.  Please help us to design more wholesale Christian purses telling about Jesus and the coming end.

Ally Feermeno:  Almighty God.  All me and Sarah Newsworthy ask is new places to uncover truth so that we can report what can save our nation from ruin.

Jael:  Dear Lord. Thank You for this gracious team You have put together.  Please add to our internet readers, and give us new ways to tell about earth’s end.

John: Now Rev. Repriestly please give us our closing prayer.

Rev. Repriestly: Everlasting God.  Please forgive our sins.  Please Bless the United States of America now and forever, in the Holy Name of Jesus we pray!

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