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Another Casualty from Summer’s Heatwave: Unclean Natural Waters

posted by Jael Ever @ 10:24 AM
July 29, 2011

 Let’s be clear about this:  Do not swim or play in green algae water with green algae floating on top!  Do not believe the hype that green algae in water is harmless!  The algae showing up in lakes, rivers, ponds and streams across the country is caused by extremely hot weather, with lots of sunshine, little or no wind, even less rain, and non-receding flood waters––all resulting in too much unhealthy stagnant non-flowing water.   While bureaucrats in charge of the public’s health in countries like China claim the algae is harmless, those in this country disagree. 

 Tom Langer, Director of the bureau of Environmental Health in the Kansas Department of Health and Environment tells Aleese Kopf, Kansas City Star reporter, “We have seen a unique set of factors this year combine to make perfect conditions for algae blooms.”  Langer says that the department has had a significant increase in the number of health complaints after people visit Kansas water sites.  “Symptoms can range from a sore throat or cough to itchy skin and vomiting.”  But so far there have been no serious illnesses.  However, these algae blooms can also harm dogs, cattle and other animals that drink the water.  Langer is also receiving reports for dead fish pilling up from “not harmful” algae.  Pointing out that treating algae with chemicals is expensive and impractical, Langer also says that algae blooms typify poor water quality.

 Moreover, in its recent publication “Blue-Green Algae (Cyanobacteria) Blooms,” the California Department of Public Health ratchets upward the risks that blue-green algae blooms bring:  “Exposure to blue-green algae can cause rashes, skin and eye irritation, allergic reactions, gastrointestinal upset, and other effects.  At high levels, exposure can result in serious illness or death.”  These health workers further add that the type of bloom and length of exposure can also cause liver toxicity and promote the growth of tumors.  They also add that several dogs and otters have died after drinking the blue-green algae water. 

 Further, California officials report: “There aren’t any drinking water standards specifically for blue-green algae.”  So have no body contact whatsoever with blue-green algae blooms, no swimming, wading or water-skiing.  These rules especially start with children, and move up to adults.  Let’s make this simple:  Stay away from all blue-green algae water!  And, oh yes, also don’t eat any fish that come out of it!  And this also includes water that appears to be all green!

 So Play Safe This Summer! Dress the kids in Christian childrens t-shirts and take them to well-sanitized swimming pools for outings and vacations.  And be sure to tell others about Jesus this summer in order to avoid Jeremiah’s lament:  “The harvest is past, the summer is ended, and we are not saved (8: 20).”

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Keep You and Yours in Good Health This Hot Summer

posted by Jael Ever @ 19:07 PM
July 28, 2011

 Understand this!  Excessive hot weather kills more people every year than hurricanes, tornadoes, floods or any other natural anomaly.  In its hot weather guide, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) states:  “Historically, from 1979-2003, excessive heat exposure caused 8,015 deaths in the United States.”  It is common knowledge that this summer’s weather is harder on senior citizens, infants, children, the sick and disabled.  But no one is guaranteed to survive temperatures across the country that now range from 80 to 115 degrees, and such excessive heat is slated to last at least through to September.

 Beware of assuming that youth and good health are enough to assure survival in this hot weather.  Two years ago, Kansas City postal worker Tonya King, age 37, assumed that her health, work history, and a bottle of water made it safe for her to lug mail for delivery during near 90-degree temperatures.  Instead at the end of her shift, with a body temperature at 109 degrees, she collapsed and died.   Today, Kansas City health officials report that “ . . . nearly half the patients treated at area emergency rooms for heatstroke or exhaustion aren’t very young or old, but in the prime years of 18 to 44.”

 Most are familiar with the typical advice:  Stay indoors, run the air
conditioner, and drink plenty of liquids.   But those without air conditioners should go as early in the day as possible to neighborhood cooling shelters.  If these are not available, they should go to malls, movies, stores, public libraries and other public buildings that do have air conditioning.  When returning home in the evenings, keep all possible ventilation open, and run all available fans.  And those liquids should definitely not include alcohol, caffeine or large amounts of sugar.  Also if possible, avoid all drugs––especially illegal ones like cocaine or PCP––as they unnaturally raise body temperature and prevent the body from sweating.

 CDC’s Guide, “Extreme Heat:  A Prevention Guide to Promote Your Personal Health and Safety,” also stresses the importance of continuous sweat. It cools the body and regulates its temperature.  A body above 103 degrees hot without sweat may indicate heat stroke.  Other symptoms are hot and dry skin, rapid pulse, throbbing headache, dizziness, nausea, confusion or unconsciousness.  Get anyone with these symptoms in the shade and call for emergency medical help.  There are several other very dangerous threats to health in this hot weather.  See the CDC Guide and contact Health Authorities in each state for further information.

 Along with these guidelines, Christians must know God’s Word.  Bible prophecies promise that Christians “shall be as a tree planted by the waters, and that spreadeth out her roots by the river, and shall not see when heat cometh, but her leaf shall be green; and shall not be careful in the year of drought, neither shall cease from yielding fruit (Jeremiah 17: 8).”  Now that’s protection from the heat!

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Joplin, Missouri: America’s Global Warming Dilemma, Part 2

posted by Jael Ever @ 10:48 AM
July 27, 2011

As residents of Joplin, Missouri, wait for their city’s return to “normalcy,” one thing they have common with others in the modern world––even in the midst of record-breaking disasters––is the desire for life to remain the same, or after calamities, at least return to the status quo. But if governments around the world would tell their citizens the truth about Global Warming, they would also prepare them for change, disruptions and re-orientation of national priorities. This won’t be an easy task, however, because people––especially in the Western world––expect the comforts of stability and comparative wealth to remain forever.

For instance, Germany’s government seemed to all sensible persons to be on the right track in its determination to end nuclear energy in the wake of Japan’s destructive tsunami. And yet, some Germans are quite upset that new energy plants will obstruct some of the land’s natural beauty. Writing for Reuters, Bob Strong explains: “Before Germany decided to shutter its 17 nuclear power plants by 2022, few had ever heard of Hotzenwald, a nature preserve at the southern tip of the Black Forest, in the prosperous state of Baden-Württemberg.” It is on this spot that engineers plan to build a hydropower electricity storage facility. But Strong reports this project would destroy hundreds of acres of natural beauty: “Now, as the government retreats from nuclear energy in favor of renewables, many will watch this bucolic spot as the testing ground for Germany’s ambitious green future.” Even some members of the usually liberal Green party resist the changes necessary in returning to traditional energy sources: “. . . opposition to green energy technology (often from the Greens themselves) looms as a major roadblock” One scientist says that German citizens once complained, “We don’t need wind energy, we don’t want it. Now people say we want wind energy but not in our backyard.”

Likewise, in the United States, communities like the one in Fair Lawn, New Jersey, don’t want the streets of their  homesteads cluttered with energy saving solar panels attached to light poles. According to Juan Arredondo of The New York Times, Fair Lawn residents want the panels removed because they interfere with “a pastoral view of a soccer field and the woods from their 1920s colonial-style” homes. And here the PSE&G utility company thought they were doing the right thing with this solar panel plan that will provide 23 percent of the area’s electricity.

In addition to honest governments, the western world needs revival among Christian institutions so that people in Joplin, Germany and New Jersey are reminded that life on earth is temporary, and that Jesus Christ was born, crucified and resurrected so that His followers will indeed have eternal life. Moreover, pastors, evangelists and prophets must expound on the Book of Revelation which makes clear that earth is now on such a downward spiral that people will look to the antiChrist to restore order. Like Hitler, he will instead plunge them into chaos!

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Joplin, Missouri: America’s Global Warming Dilemma

posted by Jael Ever @ 10:42 AM
July 26, 2011

 Labeled as “one of the most ferocious tornadoes in American history,” the May 22nd EF-5 storm that hit Joplin, Missouri, killed 159 people, destroyed over 7,000 homes in a city with a population of 50,000, damaged the main hospital, flattened grocery stores and other businesses, put over 5,000 people out of work, turned some 18,000 cars into junk, and made the educational infra-structure inoperative as the high school and elementary school and two other schools were totally destroyed––all leaving millions of tons of debris to be cleared away.

 A quick read of the journalist, Terry Greene Sterling, who labeled the storm’s ranking in the nation’s history, easily illustrates that Joplin is, or was, an idyllic, politically conservative, typical American middle-class community.  The question now is, can, or should, this peaceful, independent town with its thriving business community, be put back together in exactly the same way again––and that with the help of a federal government which it had always avoided as distastefully wasteful.

 Calling Joplin “a national tragedy,” President Obama promised “a national response.”  Unaccustomed to accepting federal handouts or the paperwork needed to get aid, Mike Woolston, Mayor of Joplin, working with FEMA for some kind of temporary housing, said: “It’s difficult right now to project how long it will be before we get back to ‘normal,’ if we ever do get back there.”

 But, as Alan Scherzagier of the Associated Press reports, the question now is was “normal” good enough, or should the leaders of Joplin use this opportunity to make the city and its structures safer and more ecology-friendly. Scherzagier explains: “City officials, neighborhoods and families are beginning to confront decisions that involve trade-offs of cost, speed, quality and uncertainty: whether to strengthen building codes to produce better houses, but also some delay; to plot out more parks and amenities [requiring] detailed planning; to require new storm safety features that would balance peace of mind against more expense . . .”

 Anxious residents may not want to wait for a better city.  Moratoriums on new construction, as well as snail-paced federal response, adds to their angst.  Five years ago a former fire chief told the city to build badly-needed public storm shelters.  If his advice had been heeded many of those 159 citizens would be alive today.  The situation in Joplin is a perfect picture of America’s dilemma––knowing what should be done but unwilling to pay the time, price and political compromise needed to do it.  Global Warming will bring even worse storms to this nation’s cities, but national leadership gives muted if any response to its presence.  Bible prophecies warn: “For if the trumpet give an uncertain sound, who shall prepare himself to the battle?” (1 Corinthians 14: 8).  Joplin was not prepared to battle.  The question now is will the nation be ready for Global Warming’s next attacks?

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Earth vs. Global Warming: Charting The Tipping Points

posted by Jael Ever @ 10:38 AM
July 25, 2011

The most truthful climatologists, ecologists and other earth-scientists now admit that they do not know just how much Global Warming the earth and its inhabitants can take before a tipping point of no return is reached. They fearfully report two urgent factors: 1) A tipping point is fast approaching when it will be impossible to stop earth’s man-made catastrophic rush toward mass destruction; and 2) It is impossible to predict just what that tipping point is, or when it will be reached. However, they do know that every model intended to predict how long it would take various ecosystems to spiral downward has been woefully inadequate. Systems have collapsed much more rapidly than scientists ever predicted. However, a few researchers, corporate scions and politicians seem to assume there is more than enough time to reverse the current rush toward earth’s collapse.

Ecological forecasters, Alan Hastings and Derin B. Wysham, published in “Ecology Letters” earlier this year entitled, “Regime Shifts in Ecological Systems Can Occur With No Warning.” Hastings laments, “Many scientists are looking for the warning signs that herald sudden changes in natural systems, in hopes of forestalling those changes, or improving our preparations for them.” But, as he explained, “Our new study found, unfortunately, that regime shifts with potentially large consequences can happen without warning — systems can ‘tip’ precipitously.”

R. Biggs and his associates from the Center for Limnology at the University of Wisconsin, Madison agree. In a study, “Turning Back From the Brink: Detecting An Impending Regime Shift in Time to Avert it,” they raise the issue: “A critical question, however, is whether such indicators provide sufficient warning to adapt management to avert regime shifts.” In other words, when those responsible know what the tipping point is will they have time to avoid it.

And in his very appropriate study published in “Nature Climate Change,” Timothy M. Lenton argues: “Human-induced climate change could push several large-scale ‘tipping elements’ past a tipping point. Candidates include irreversible melt of the Greenland ice sheet, dieback of the Amazon rain forest and shift of the West African monsoon,” etc. He argues: “ . . . recent (re)assessments give an increased likelihood of ‘large-scale discontinuities’ in the climate system under a given level of global warming.” And he suggests that such “unmitigated climate change” demands early warning capability.

But how much more warning does this generation require? Bible prophecies offer a special note to Christians in this regard: “But the end of all things is at hand: be ye therefore sober, and watch unto prayer” (1 Peter 4: 7). Only the prayers of faithful Christians to Almighty God can hold back these tipping points from the brink of no return. Prayers should also be offered for scientists who tell the truth.

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Failure to Publish Truth About Signs of These Times

posted by Jael Ever @ 19:16 PM
July 22, 2011

 National political leaders, news outlets, and weather forecasters do everything possible to discuss the current record-breaking heat waves across the United States without mentioning climate change and the effects of Global Warming.  Cities across the south, midwest and now the northeast, report heat temperatures above anything experienced in urban area or rural histories, and citizens everywhere are asking “why?” But few officials will answer with the truth––that the cause of these unending heat waves is Global Warming.
 As Dan Lashof of Natural Resources Defense Council in his article, “Global Warming and the Science of Extreme Weather” argues:  “Extreme weather turns climate change from an abstract concept about remote events, such as melting ice and drowning polar bears, to a concrete, often calamitous, experience for many Americans.”   He states further that while print and internet journalism have covered the “heat waves, floods, storms, and wildfires in recent months, there has been very little discussion of the increasingly clear links to climate change.”  Citing a survey by the Center for Climate Change Communication at George Mason University, Lashof posits that such a lack of incomplete and deceptive reporting leaves too many Americans ignorant about Global Warming.

 Also, Scientific American affirmed recently:  “Heat Waves—Scientists are more than 90 percent certain that episodes of extreme heat will increase worldwide, leading to increased danger of wildfires, human deaths and water quality issues such as algal blooms.” In his study “Global Warming and the Science of Extreme Weather,” John Carey says that insurance companies have decided that such weather is the new norm:  “Extreme floods, prolonged droughts, searing heat waves, massive rainstorms and the like don’t just seem like they’ve become the new normal in the last few years—they have become more common, according to data collected by reinsurance company.”  And he points out that honest scientists and cautious insurance companies are doing everything possible to get these truths out to governmental officials and media outlets.  But these official channels responsible for distributing the truth do nothing but stifle it.

 As The Lord Jesus told charlatan religious leaders during His earthly ministry, those who assume leadership positions have responsibility for seeing and disseminating the truth:  “And in the morning, It will be foul weather to day: for the sky is red and lowering. O ye hypocrites, ye can discern the face of the sky; but can ye not discern the signs of the times?” (Matthew 16: 3).  Bible prophecies do not just apply to prior generations, or specific nations.  There is no truer time in human history to which they apply more so than today––and they especially apply to the United States, as the chief contributor to Global Warming.  Not to discern the signs of these times brings only misery and death.  Now is the time for truth!

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Time Out For Some Good News

posted by Jael Ever @ 10:56 AM
July 21, 2011

 While most of the nation struggles with 100 degree temperatures, stresses over the inability of politicians to prevent financial collapse, and marvels over the ways that some leaders avoid addressing Global Warming––perhaps a bit of good news will give some relief.   Well for one thing, private companies across the country are not only aware of Global Warming, they are working on ways to avoid letting the evils of climate change interfere with their businesses.  Other companies are working on less expensive and more serviceable uses of solar power.

 Writing for Climate Science Links, Lori Tripoli reveals that, although most large corporations are keeping their plans for adjustments to Global Warming under wraps, they are making plans nonetheless.  “As climate change worsens, some leading U.S. corporations are working to find ways to adapt to higher sea levels and other unavoidable effects fueled by warming that they say will deal a big blow to their bottom lines.”  Companies such as Entergy Corporation, on the Fortune 500 list and the second largest supplier of nuclear energy, privately admit that their operations are very vulnerable to Global Warming.  Entergy is working with government officials in Alabama, Louisiana, Mississippi and Texas and a non-profit foundation named “America’s WETLAND Foundation,”  to help communities on the Gulf Coast  make plans for coming disasters such as coast-line erosion and increasing sea-levels.

 Val Marmillion, Foundation Director, argues that their coordinated efforts try to avoid political debate:  “We’re in the reality, and not into the debate.”  He argues  that the sea-level rise is not a political issue:  “The Gulf Coast is deteriorating at a very rapid rate.”  Hurricane Katrina shutting down its corporate offices and drowning two of its natural gas plants brought huge wake up calls to Entergy.
 The other good news? announced that Kyocera Corporation has designed a multi-purpose solar powered shelter that cities and companies can use for bus and taxi stops, walkways, convenient electrical charges for advertising displays, mobile phones, computers, etc., and also as emergency shelter.  It should also be able to charge electric cars.  And this solar powered marvel could also sell its excess energy to local power companies.   Called The Eco-Shell, the product’s manufacturers will unveil its marketing program starting this week!

 It is good to know that––unlike politicians pinging their fiddles while Global Warming burns the nation––a few people correctly view and react to nature’s signals. Bible prophecies in Ezekiel 33: 6 make it clear that if those responsible for protecting a nation don’t do so, judgment comes against them:  “But if the watchman see the sword come, and blow not the trumpet, and the people be not warned; if the sword come, and take any person from among them, he is taken away in his iniquity; but his blood will I require at the watchman’s hand.”

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HEAT! America Under Global Warming Attack––Again!

posted by Jael Ever @ 10:19 AM
July 20, 2011

 This blogger pointed a few days ago that––considering unparalleled destructions from floods, wildfires and tornadoes––nature is sending this country’s Midwest a message.  Now the unrelenting heat waves rolling over the same region seem to confirm that message indeed.  Some cities in the Midwest have endured temperatures at 100 degrees, even as high as 115 degrees, for at least a month.  And some weather forecasters predict that this pitiless heat attack may well continue through September.  And connected to these record-breaking temperatures is the threat of crop-damaging drought in this region known as America’s breadbasket.

 AccuWeather meteorologist Kristina Pydynowki warns that this heat wave will eventually affect 40 states with temperatures of 90 degrees or higher.  While, as usual, weather forecasters will not make the obvious connection of this unrelenting heat to Global Warming, researchers at Texas A&M University admit that “the period from February to June was the driest such period on record in Texas, with a statewide average of 4.26 inches of rain.”  The prior record was in 1917 that had a 6.45 inch rain average.  Oppressive heat and lack of rain indeed introduce seasons of drought, and that will eventually affect the nation’s economy.

 Murray Evans of the Associated Press says that Heat Advisory warnings are posted “in 17 states, from Texas to Michigan, as temperatures and humidity combined to make being outside uncomfortable for millions.”  The National Weather Service put it bluntly:  “The stage is being set for a massive heat wave to develop . . . as a large area of high pressure is anticipated to circulate hot and humid air over much of the central and eastern U.S. Maximum heat index values of at least 100° F are likely across much of this area . . . with heat index values in excess of 110°F possible over portions of these areas.”

 Writing that these heat waves are “the new norm,” John D. Cox, an analyst for Discovery News describes this heat assault as “a large dome of air that is sinking, compressing and getting warmer as it falls.”  He says that the dome of unusually high pressure blocks heat-relieving storms and forces “a clockwise pattern of moisture-carrying winds that makes matters worse.”

 There is no clear record of how many people this heat wave has killed, but it is estimated to be dozens.  To prevent more tragedy, public cooling centers have been set up in various parts of the country.  What would be of an even greater preventive nature would be for the U.S. government to stop twaddling and take definitely steps to stem Global Warming.  Bible prophecies in Hosea 4: 6 warn of God’s judgment coming to those nations with leaders who reject knowledge.  Such judgment may already be on this country.  Before it gets worse, American leadership must change course and acknowledge the full dangers of Global Warming.  The nation cannot take six months a year of 115 degree plus heat!

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World on Fire: Expiration Dates of Present Age Cultures

posted by Jael Ever @ 10:35 AM
July 19, 2011

 Varies types of scientists, environmentalists and earth-watchers now crucially ratchet up the noise levels of their warnings:  “The earth as we know it is coming apart!”   And most of them would add, “And if we don’t move urgently and collectively to hold it together it may be too late to reverse our tumble into nonexistence.”  But is anyone listening?

 In his PBS program this year titled, “Plan B: Mobilizing to Save Civilization,” Lester Brown laments tipping points stumbling towards earth destruction.  Even if earth does survive, Brown––through Matt Damon’s narration ––questions if modern civilization can survive with it.  Insufficient food and water to support soon to be 10 billion people; states failing because crime, rebellion and misdirected governments; wars and rumors of wars; obvious dangers from nuclear weapons and nuclear and other exploitative energies––all make it doubtful that the systematic structures supporting civilized societies can indeed survive!

 Frank Joseph Smecker and Derrick Jensen in their editorial, “You Can’t Kill a Planet and Live on It, Too,” for agree:  “With an entire planet being slaughtered before our eyes, it’s terrifying to watch the very culture responsible for this––the culture of industrial civilization, fueled by a finite source of fossil fuels, primarily a dwindling supply of oil––thrust forward wantonly to fuel its insatiable appetite for “growth.”  They argue that Western civilization suffers from the psychosis of technomania in “a genocidal mega-state,” as it marches “closer to self-annihilation.”  Stemming from an interview with Derrick Jensen, author of “The Culture of Make Believe,” the authors explain that today’s society is just an expansion of Hitler’s Nazism wherein systematic mass murder is acceptable in an orderly universe where a few employed people do what necessitates keeping a job.

  King David writes in Psalms 127:1, “Except The LORD build the house, they labour in vain that build it: except The LORD keep the city, the watchman waketh but in vain.”  The same can be said of Planet Earth: to paraphrase, “Except The LORD saves this planet and the remaining lives on it, those in charge of strong nations who do little of nothing to save it––are all working on comparatively trivial things in vain.”  But in his Bible prophecies of the end of times, Apostle Mark offers some hope:  “And except that The LORD had shortened those days, no flesh should be saved: but for the elect’s sake, whom He hath chosen, He hath shortened the days” (13: 20).  Rather than to be in that group of “no flesh should be saved,” everyone had best surrender life and soul to Jesus Christ now and join His protected elect.  Authentic Christianity is a relationship that outpours love to God and love to man, not Hitler’s type of fake Christianity that uses pious words to justify slaughtering the old, the innocent and the weak.  Such evil degradation is indeed why the culture of this present age is quickly coming to an end!

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Ocean Trash Comes Home to Roost: America’s Sick Beaches

posted by Jael Ever @ 10:33 AM
July 18, 2011

 Across the nation, beaches in the United States are more polluted than ever.  The Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) advises local authorities to close many beach areas as they are dangerously polluted.  While sources of bad bacteria vary, most comes from storm-water runoffs, poorly or non-treated discharges from sewage treatment plants, impurities from sanitary sewers, septic systems and decayed wildlife––along with beach campers who make the sands their private toilets and industrial chemicals and other deadly discards (pesticides, agricultural,  industrial waste, etc.) that corporate trash collectors have dumped illegally in oceans for years.  Some of these corruptions now ride waves back home to roost.  

 According to Noaki Schwartz of the Associated Press, this year’s NRDC Report used data from 3,000 locations across the United States in order to report that: “beaches are often closed because monitoring services detect the presence of bacteria [indicating] pathogens—microscopic organisms from human and animal wastes that pose a threat to human health.”  Although some suspect the dangers trace back to last year’s BP oil spill, NRDC says this usually is not the case. 

 While 11 of California’s beaches had high levels of bacteria, Louisiana, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, and Michigan top state-wide lists.  Health Day reporters, Randy Dotinga and Steven Reinberg, claim that in 2010 “the most frequently  contaminated beaches in 2010 was the Great Lakes––15 percent of water samples violated public health standards.”  On the other hand, Delaware, New Hampshire, New Jersey, Oregon, Hawaii and Virginia had the cleanest beaches.  Those wishing to see test results for their area should check with the 21st annual Testing the Waters: A Guide to Water Quality at Vacation Beaches.

 Infested beaches can cause serious illnesses including gastrointestinal and respiratory sicknesses, stomach flu, skin rashes, pinkeye, ear/nose/throat problems, dysentery, hepatitis, neurological disorders, etc.  Nancy Stoner, NRDC’s water program co-director, advises beach goers not to “swim after a heavy rainfall. Wait at least 24 hours,” as heavy rains carry pollutants from dirty storm water and overflowing sewage into streams and rivers.  Of course, eventually those ill-fed waters soon make their way to seas––which may eventually bring them back.

 So clad the young in Christian childrens t-shirts to wear in swimming pools, not in public beaches.  Of course, this blog notes repeatedly that if it were not for Global Warming, there would not be so much excess rain to overburden drainage systems.  And Earth End writers often expose the horrors of trash, plastics and chemicals corporate waste controllers have dumped in the world’s seas for decades.  Psalms 69: 34 explains that God made seas to praise him––”Let the heaven and earth praise Him, the seas, and every thing that moveth therein,” not to receive man’s trash.  No wonder the seas send man’s trash back home to roost!

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