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Headline: The Death of Earth Speeds Forward

posted by Newspaper Boys @ 10:39 AM
June 30, 2011

Hurry, hurry, hurry!!  Run, Don’t Walk!! Get the Latest Most Vital On-Line News About Our World Today!  Don’t miss any of the End End – New Beginning blogs Brought To You by Our Great Staff of International Writers:

 Catch Sarah Newsworthy’s next installment on the dangers of this nation’s aging, outdated nuclear power plants.  Are these plants as safe as they should be, or are they poisoning our air and drinking water?  What are the government’s plans to upgrade these plants?  And Sarah asks who will pay for these repairs?  And why is it that countries like Germany can phase out nuclear power, but not our nation?

 Plus, be sure to read Jael’s series on the death of oceans world-wide.  Is it true that because of corporate overfishing, chemical and waste dumping, Global Warming and other horrors that all ocean life is quickly heading to extinction, as a panel of noted scientists from around the world claim?  Read Jael and find out!

 Our reporters lay it on the line about the hundreds of land animals going extinct as well.  Again, Jael and Ally I Feermeno are even now researching on the many land animals that are quickly falling into extinction around the world.  Also, Ally is preparing a story on the failure of this year’s United Nation’s Climate talks over in Germany.  Will it be “the same old same old” of nothing being down to stop Global Warming?  Or are some nations making progress?

 Other paper boys don’t have up to date stories on the flooding taking place across our land.  But we do!  Ally is on the scene interviewing people now in North Dakota for stories about how these record-breaking floods have been dreadful attacks on the lives of so many people.  So much of the devastation taking place across our nation from floods, forest fires, tornados, etc., is played down in main stream press––but End of Earth reporters vow always to keep our readers up to date!

 Don’t forget our special July 4th edition!  Rev. Repriestly, John, Jude and the whole gang will have special prayers for our nation!

 And say, have you been reading installments of Jael’s new novel?  Boy, its exciting: see how this man Joe suffers in hell; how the church is praying against the evil in the city and the nation; and how the devil fights against good Christians who take him on.  Make sure to sign up to get your advance copies now!

 Our supportive advertisement today comes from plus size Christian t-Shirts.  Be sure to order yours today.   And no matter how dark things look, don’t give up! Remember what the good Apostle Paul tells us:  “Fight the good fight of faith, lay hold on eternal life,  whereunto thou art also called, and hast professed a good profession before many witnesses ( 1 Timothy 6: 12).”  So keep witnessing for Jesus, and keep looking up for Our Savior is coming sooner than we think!

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One of Many Battles Between Heaven and Earth

posted by Jael Ever @ 10:34 AM
June 29, 2011

For years, Satan’s arch-demons dominated the vast skies over Hollow Tree.   The city’s increasing experiments with sinful life-styles, followed usually in ignorance of  consequences, led to deeper descents into unseen worlds and gave greater power to  the dark angelic world at the top of demonic hierarchies.  At the height of Joe’s underworld power, only constant prayer and fasting from Rev. Jael’s flock were able to disintegrate dark skies and bring in the bursting lights of fire from God’s mighty army.   To stop that light and hold onto claimed souls, the dark hierarchies launched great resistance.  Ob, the chief door keeper and arch-demon over Hollow tree, called on his master, the angel Nishroch, for help to stop the smaller demons enduring much pain from powerful prayer from leaving the battle site.  Rebellious cretins were pushing against Ob to get out.

 “Hell there would be better than hell here,” they yelled, clawing at Ob.

 Nishroch responded with his avalanche of fallen foes.  And then the war in heaven began.

 Universally powerful forces colliding over the right to rule one part of earth.  Both armies enforcing the will of their commanders.  Only one commander had the legitimate right to rule.  The other had usurped the power, and led the troops under him into rebellion.

 God’s hosts, led by Archangel Michael, ever ready to battle, wore bright stoic, even fearless faces; while Satan’s host, under shared leadership by Abandon and Apollyon wore constant grimaces as if in shallow pain, constant anger and deep foreboding.  Michael’s army wore great light as residue from the great throne from which were  dispatched their orders about Hollow Tree.  Apollyon and his troops found that bright light to be most disturbing.  While they usually tried to transform themselves into angels of light as a defense against the light from heaven, their efforts paled in comparison.  Ethereal glory bore hard against the core  lines of evil.

 “Get out of here butt sucker.  This is our territory,” Nisroch’s owlish face screeched to Michael.
 “These are our people.  They have sworn allegiance to us and our league.  You have no room here,”  he yelled as he ordered his men to cover and obscure the light.  (End of Novel Segment)

 Those wishing to order this forthcoming copyrighted novel about Jael, Joe, Christians, Satan’s children, heaven and hell should sign up at wholesale Christian books.  Or contact Jael at to place your pre-order.  And keep watching this blog for more installments of her new novel.  Stay tuned!

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Unheeded Warnings: Earthquakes, Storage and Nuclear Power, Part 3

posted by Sarah N Worthy IATTWJ Member @ 11:02 AM
June 28, 2011

Well, I haven’t been able to get a word in edgewise lately, but Jael and my leader, Dr. Repriestly, have to give me some space cause the latest news on nuclear power in the United States is earthshaking indeed!  The Associated Press (AP) has just reported that radioactive tritium has been leaking from most of the nuclear power sites in this country for some time.  Moreover, the number and severity of leaks falling into groundwater from often rotted underground piping is on the increase. 
 After months of research, the AP team reports:  “Tritium, which is a radioactive form of hydrogen, has leaked from at least 48 of 65 sites, according to U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) records . . . Leaks from at least 37 of those facilities contained concentrations exceeding the federal drinking water standard — sometimes at hundreds of times the limit.”  Moreover at sites in Illinois and Minnesota these tritium leaks have contaminated residential drinking wells.

 Egads!  How on earth is this happening?  Why is the government allowing nuclear plant operators to poison this nation’s water?  What companies are running these nuclear plants, and why is there a lapse of government oversight?  The AP report posits that “regulators and industry weakened safety standards for decades to keep the nation’s commercial nuclear reactors operating within the rules.”  People at NRC and the plants claim that there is no danger to the public, but critics assert that this easing of standards brings this nation closer to nuclear accidents.  Moreover, researchers at the National Academy of Sciences claim that even the slightest exposure to radioactivity in water increases risks of cancer.  And this nation’s Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) fears that “seven of 200,000 people who drink such water for decades would develop cancer.”

 So, while we, the American people, trust our government to keep us safe, NRC officials, behaving like foxes guarding the hen house, have allowed this radioactive poison to fall into our water systems, where it can join with God only knows what.  More questions:  How and when will these leaky pipes––many encased in concrete beneath nuclear power plants––be repaired?  And who will pay for it?  These commercial companies have made billions of dollars by selling nuclear powered energy to Americans.  Now, surely, they don’t intend for tax payers to foot the bill?  Or does this industry even plan to repair these rusted pipes?

 Hopefully,  I will have more space to report on this subject.  As a member of the International Association of Truth-Telling Women Journalists (IATTWJ), I will continue to dig into this urgently important story.  In Bible prophecies, My Savior, The Lord Jesus Christ, compels me to tell readers the truth:  “And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free” (John 8:32).  Let us pray that this nation is also compelled to remove this dangerous poison from our drinking water.

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A Bee Sting: Man Cannot Bring Order to Earth’s Collapse

posted by Jael Ever @ 11:01 AM
June 27, 2011

Even the United Nations wants to join in the fight to save honey bees around the world.   In some countries, 85 percent of bee colonies are in serious decline.  And, especially in third world countries, bees are the principle methods of pollination.  However, much of what is known as bee colony collapse disorder (known as CCD) is taking place in the northern part of the planet, which holds the most industrialized swatches of the world. 

 In these areas, excessive pesticides, air pollution, alien parasite invasions, strange viruses and diseases, unhealthy breeding practices, cross-country bee hive truck transportation––along with residential, office and manufacturing construction in former country sides leaving fewer flowering plants, which are bedrocks for bee pollination––all contribute to the massive destruction of honey bees.  Writing for Discovery News, Jennifer Viegas identifies results of these combinations as the Perfect Storm, against which weary beekeepers must constantly battle.

 Thus, human inroads into bee territory threatens the annual two billion dollars in food production dependent upon bee pollination.  Of course, some scientists insist that climate changes stemming from Global Warming are to blame, while others claim that human infatuation with cell phones is the problem.  Achim Steiner, executive director of the U.N.’s environmental agency laments: “Of 100 crop species that provide 90 percent of the world’s food, over 70 are pollinated by bees.  The way humanity manages or mismanages its nature-based assets, including pollinators, will in part define our collective future in the 21st century.”

 Meanwhile, honey bees seem to be disoriented.  According to CBS News, thousands of them swarmed over New York City recently.  Some attacked a light post in Little Italy, and others buzzed over structures in lower Manhattan and in Chinatown.  While those were taken down safely and returned to a bee farm, that was not the case in Yuma, Arizona, some weeks ago, where thousands of bees attacked a 81-year-old woman.  When fire department personnel arrived on the scene, they found her sitting on the sidewalk covered with bees which had inflicted hundreds of stings all over her face and body.  Apparently, the bees had set up house in her yard.  Again, this was only one of many times Yuman officials have had to respond to new unlikely bee embedments, or resulting bee attacks.

 Like most other things on Planet Earth these days, bee life is out of whack.  And while people primarily cause bee colony collapse disorder, they repeatedly demonstrate inability to bring new order to the collapse.  Thus, Bible prophecies correctly claim, “For the wisdom of this world is foolishness with God. For it is written, He taketh the wise in their own craftiness” (1 Corinthians 3: 19).  Man’s craftiness is destroying this planet.  Now believers must beg God to withhold the judgment due, until man repents and returns the honor due to God, Our Maker.

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Falling Cities, the Devil’s Tail, and the Battle Rages!

posted by Jael Ever @ 15:38 PM
June 24, 2011

From a chapter in one of Jael’s novels:

 When Joe and Jael first moved up South to Hollow Tree, it was a pleasant enough city with relatively clean air, pure water and lots of healthy green trees. Husbands worked in factories turning nature into metal, and wives tended home duties and grew beautiful flower gardens on the front yards of their small one story row houses.   But, by the time Jonathan was born, and the two babies clung to Jael’s knees, the foundations began to erode.

 A city is the civil tree that should provide minimal care for its people;  it should be: A safety, a sanctuary; A place for work; A place for home;  and A good city (and good nation) should take care of its people.  Its organized workers should take the garbage away, its police should keep the human garbage out, and its pastors should keep the spiritual vermin from roosting overhead.

 Cities are suppose to be green, or at least spotted with green–like, with grass and trees and flowers, shrubs and bushes.  Clean and green, like those cities in Europe, always with scrubbed white walls and fields of blossoming flowers swaying in clear breezes––cities that look safe because they are safe.

 But Hollow Tree’s earlier fathers had allowed the city to slowly decline, evaporating from neglect, attritional abandonment.  By the time that the toddlers were in school, the core of the City’s vital health seemed all but eaten away, only a hollow stump of forgotten people remained.  Sorely dry to the roots for want of urban water’s nutrition, indeed Hollow Tree bore little fruit for its people.

 So many of its richer people had moved across the bridges leading out of town, but Hollow Tree was still the center core of the region.  And, although the outliers had sprouted from the Tree, they wanted to be branches apart, having nothing to do with their core or their roots.

 Trees were not created to be hollow, but to have strong trunks and deep roots, gathering life out of rich soil, storing health-filled water and producing fruits of food and beauty.   But Hollow Tree, the center of Livingston County, had turned into a state of perpetual mourning.   The city was fading away, eroded by dry rivers of white and yellow sludge turning their inhabitants into decadent waste, and city dwellers into disposable people.   Those trees near the river that ringed around the hollow once were the most healthy and hefty anywhere.  But that was when the city’s water of life was pure.  Within a few years after the strange drops of “snow” started to fall, the waters soon darkened with smeared pollution. . . .

 Those wishing to order this forthcoming copyrighted novel about Jael, Joe, Christians, Satan’s children, heaven and hell should sign up at wholesale Christian books.  Or contact Jael at to place your pre-order.

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Enjoy Life While You Can For Time Is Running Out

posted by Jael Ever @ 15:31 PM
June 23, 2011

Summertime and the livin’ is easy . . . so folks in this country had best enjoy such good living now, for time is quickly eroding many other opportunities for such easy livin’ good times.  Discounting state-wide wild fires, raging tornadoes galavanting across the country, and roaring floods swallowing whole towns, weather this summer has so-far been rather mild.  But get ready, the worse may be yet to come.  (Of course, this site had a blog a few days ago about ever increasing violent winds, as can be seen by the “endless” wind-driven brush fires in Arizona.)

 For instance, this year’s hurricane season, which began on June 1st, will not end until November.  And, according to Wikipedia, weather experts at Colorado State University and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) predict that this year’s hurricane activity will be above-average, “with 17 named storms, nine hurricanes, and five major hurricanes.”  They also cite “a higher chance for storms to make landfall in the United States than in 2010.”  Insurance experts at the University College of London agree.  They predict that “tropical cyclone activity could be about 40% above the 1950–2010 average.”

 Other forecasters also predict an above-normal hurricane season. The   Weather Wiz Kids assert:  “Climate factors considered for this outlook are:  The continuing high activity era. Since 1995, the tropical multi-decadal signal has brought ocean and atmospheric conditions conducive for development in sync, leading to more active Atlantic hurricane seasons.”

 Moreover, in his blog, Paul Yeager, author of Weather Whys: Facts, Myths, and Oddities, writes:  “Expect hotter-than-average weather in the South and cooler-than-average weather in parts of the Plains, Midwest, and Tennessee Valley, with less precipitation than normal in the Pacific Northwest and northern Rockies.”  So farmers expecting “rain in the plains” will be very disappointed.  Likewise, planting in the south will swelter under unusually oppressive heat.  These developing trends undoubtedly will result in higher food costs this fall.

 Thus, while lulling around this summer, it is a good time to preserve fresh fruits and vegetables by canning them in anticipation of the storms to come;  and also to get some flood insurance from FEMA at  And, of course in both happy and unhappy times, believers must always remember what Nehemiah 8: 10 says:  that “the joy of The Lord is our strength,” regardless of the weather.  So, while the kids wade through pools and sprinklers, be sure to cover them with Christian childrens t-shirts when cooler weather comes.  And parents and Summer Bible School workers should also be sure to lead the precious ones into God’s eternal protection in the never-failing ark of safety, where they will find comfort in times when the worse storms of life occur.

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A Peek At One Chapter in Jael’s Coming Novel: “Plunge Into Evil”

posted by Jael Ever @ 11:52 AM
June 22, 2011

One of Joe’s Encounters in Hell:

 Another member of the group welcoming Joe was The Chief Priest of Evil Council.  Dressed in dark robes, designed with moons and stars to plot astrology and time, the chief priest appeared as a young man with dark eyes and hair aflame.

 “Why hello Brother Joe,  we are pleased to welcome you,” he whispered, sluring syrupy words into incantations as he bowed.

 “We’ve kept careful record of your activities so that we can best calculate, or  . . . ah. . . er . . . estimate your reward.”

 In his usual red-faced outrage Joe cried, “You talkn’ crazy too.  Ya’ll are are crazy.  I’m not here.  You’re not here. This is just a Kramden dream that’s all . . . .”  He swallowed hard, gasping for breath, “And what ya mean estimate?”

 “Well ahhhh –  we are not really the judge you see.  He lives far away up, up, up, eh upstairs.  We just turn all the records over to him.”

 “What records?  More craziness.”  Joe wheezed back.

 “No young prince, didn’t you see the scratches of your life coming down on this video pad.  Anything not washed out with the blood of The Most High Priest is recorded.”  As Joe’s low priest, he bowed to the prince, in subservient obedience.

 “Well get to washin’ it out then.  Ain’t nobody’s business what I did.”

 “Oh we don’t have the proper oils for that.  The blood we collect and offer up to The Great One is for guilt enforcement, not cleansing,” he answered.

 “Ok, what kind of time do I get for all I’s done?  Can I cop a plea?”

 “My kind son, that is not our duty to tell.  We will, of course, intercede for you.  But that is up to the High Judge’s council of those who believe in Him.”

 “Look here, I paid my tithes to the triad system––well most of em anyway––and I offered up a whole lot of blood, dirty blood, kid’s blood, animal blood.  I was always offering bodies to you’s all.  You owe me,  you owe me.  So don’t tell me tain’t nothing you can do.”

 “Why, my prince, we have always promoted you and given you great wealth.  How can you incriminate we’ve have done nothing?” The priest flashed his four-inch long nails as he pointed this defense toward Joe.

 “A lot of good that does me here.”

 “It’s what you asked for sweet prince.”

 “Say listen all powerfuless John, get me otta here or shut the hell up.”

 “As you wish sordid one.  But it is always down, down, down.  Never up!”

 Those wishing to order this forthcoming copyrighted novel about Jael, Joe, Christians, Satan’s children, heaven and hell should sign up at wholesale Christian books.  Or contact Jael at to place your pre-order.  And keep watching this blog for more installments of her new novel.  Stay tuned!

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Time to Discern Earth’s Faster Winds?

posted by Jael Ever @ 11:47 AM
June 21, 2011

Several recent studies reports reveal that winds have become much stronger, blowing at greater than normal speeds––feeding more strength to hurricanes and other storms––and that ocean waves are roaring much higher.  While scientists can give no definite reason for these changes they tracked over a 23 year period, they suspect that Global Warming is the culprit.  Researchers––headed by Ian Young, physical oceanographer at Swinburne University of Technology in Australia––report their findings on increasing wind speeds in the journal “Science.” 

 The scholars based their work on wind measurements in the records of seven satellites.  Mason Inman writes for “National Geographic News,” that “the team drew on records from satellites that used radar altimeters, which work similarly to bats’ echolocation, or natural radar.  The orbiting satellites shoot radio waves at Earth and listen for the echoes that bounce back into space.  When winds are blowing hard, the radar echoes are fainter, giving a measure of how strong the wind is blowing over the oceans.”

 Thus, scientists assert that these increasing wind speeds could become so powerful that present expectations of destruction from hurricanes, tornadoes, tsunamis, etc. would be grossly underestimated, as much more damage would be done.  In her article for “Discovery News,” Emily Sohn points out that one of the best examples of increasing winds and waves is in Australia:  “Over time, these kinds of small and incremental rises add up. Off the coast of Southern Australia . . . the tallest 1 percent of waves have risen from five to six meters (16 to 20 feet). The most extreme winds are now blowing 10 percent faster than they used to.”  Sohn summarizes, “If the trend continues, major storms may become more destructive in the coming decades.”

 While the overall study was centered in Australia, head researcher Ian Young insists that similar results were found in other regions.  He also asserts:  “If this is related to global warming—and this is speculation—it indicates that either the intensity of storms is increasing or the frequency of storms is increasing.”

 As they study the moon and stars, and create communications, medicines and other devices that make billions of dollars, modern scientists seem to know little about changes in earth’s nature.  In Bible prophecies, The Lord Jesus points this out, when speaking of those who speculate without faith-based knowledge:  “. . . When ye see a cloud rise out of the west, straightway ye say, There cometh a shower; and so it is. And when ye see the south wind blow, ye say, There will be heat; and it cometh to pass.  Ye hypocrites, ye can discern the face of the sky and of the earth; but how is it that ye do not discern this time?” (Luke 12: 54 -56)  Like those earth-watchers, today’s scholars know the earth is changing but they know little about what these changes mean for earth’s end––or for its new beginning!

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Fathers Failing the Animals’ Parenting Scale

posted by Jael Ever @ 11:47 AM
June 20, 2011

Human beings, most of whom consider themselves to be vastly superior to animals, could learn a lot about fatherhood from the animal kingdom.  As they celebrate Father’s Day this year, men fathering children may be able to get some guidance on fatherhood from non-human animals.  While the divorce rate in this country has been going down, so has the rate of marriage.  At the same time, the rates of unwed mothers and absent fathers are skyrocketing.  Thus, the presence of fathers in the nation’s social structure is sadly becoming a vanishing influence in public life.  But not in the animal world.  Regardless of the species, relationships between males and females have remained the same for centuries; and, in most cases, fathers have integral roles in the lives of their off-spring.

 For instance, animal blogs––such as Discovery News, Animal Planet and others––say that, after laying her eggs, the female emperor penguin rolls it onto the dad’s feet and then leaves to recuperate.  Living only in the Antarctic, father emperors stand in one place protecting those eggs in the cold and snow, sometimes up to 100 days until they hatch.  These fathers don’t move.  They don’t even eat until those chicks are born.  Then, even after moms returns, dads help to care for their babies, often feeding them from a gland on the father’s esophagus.

 While the male rheas may have more than one mate, he incubates and raises all of his brood, no matter how many he has to raise at one time.  And this flightless bird “mothers” his chicks for some six months until they are grown enough to go out on their own.  Another example: exclusively living in India, golden jackals pair with one mate for life.  They scavenge food and do everything together.  And, while the mother rests up from her pregnancy, the father feeds his infant children from his own regurgitated food.  Likewise, the male red fox plays with his pups and brings them food for some three months.  Then he seems to put them out on their on to hunt for food, when in reality, he has hidden food around the camp for them to find, in that way training them to become great hunters.

 The list of successful fathering in the animal kingdom goes on and on.  How sad that the opposite can be said for the great United States which now experiences such horrific societal breakdown.  In his blog, “Absent Fathers and the Awful Statistics,” Rich Andrews presents facts about the malignant affects on boys and girls forced to grow up without their fathers.  In discussing the ministry of John the Baptist, Luke’s Gospel says, “And he shall go before him in the spirit and power of Elias, to turn the hearts of the fathers to the children, . . .” (1: 17a).  Considering examples of fatherhood from non-human animals, surely it is urgently necessary for this John the Baptist teaching about fatherhood to be included in all Christian messages.  Or else some men, including “a few” professing Christians, must admit that they fall lower than animals on the parenting scale!

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Good New: Little Ways to Go Green

posted by Jael Ever @ 15:46 PM
June 17, 2011

In addition to buying smaller cars that get better gas mileage, more Americans are finding ways to go green, hoping to help the nation lessen its carbon footprint.  These methods include: changing household and other everyday habits; buying low-cost green homes, furniture and appliances built with modern-day trash; buying used items instead of new ones; and pushing lifestyles back two or three generations to a simpler, easier and more natural way of life.

 Bloggers, domestic “eco-friendly green advisers” and environmentalists all agree that 21st century advancement is, in fact, killing the planet, and it must be reversed.  For instance, squidoo writes on this site: “Going Green is a phrase referring to the pursuit of knowledge and practices that lead to more environmentally friendly and ecologically responsible decisions and lifestyles, thus helping protect the environment and sustaining its natural resources.”  That sites makes an astounding statement about today’s lifestyle:  “It is estimated that: We only use 20% of the stuff in our homes.  We wear 20% of our clothes 80% of the time.  De-cluttering eliminates 40% of work needed to clean the average home.” 

 While it is not said distinctly, those turning to a “greener” way of life, reject business advertisers insistence that Americans must buy new, buy often and buy plenty.  In contrast, they suggest that Americans should buy used and recycled items as often as possible, and scale down and simplify modern lifestyles.  This struggle between “green-lifers,” and the corporate moguls and politicians who push-back against Global Warming is real.  It reflects divisions within the society about what is more important:  saving jobs or saving lives.  It also reflects the argument as to whether or not mankind must fight to save planet Earth.

 On his blog, among other vital ideas, David Toomey, author of “101 Ways to Go Green and Save Money,” suggests:  1)  Hang clothes outside for drying to save electricity and the need for wrinkle-free cloths; 2) Use ceiling fans to cool rooms and circulate air rather than air conditioners; 3) Insulate the basement, as well as the attic, and ducts and pipes of your home; 4) Use authentic items, not paper substitutes, such as cloth diapers instead of disposable ones, and china plates and cups instead of paper ones; 5) Walk, run, cycle, car pool, or use public transportation to go to work and other locations, etc.  Toomey’s book is free and can be downloaded from his website.

 The quandary is which way of life is better for the country, its economy and its people.  The correct answer can only come from godly wisdom.  As Bible verse cards for Job 12: 13 say, with God is wisdom and strength; He gives counsel and understanding.  But these blessings only come to those who ask Him for them.  Regardless of which lifestyle they choose to follow, believers must ask God’s wisdom for the nation.  Only He can deliver from this disastrous dilemma.

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