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A major problem is that no one outside of  a few managers at TEPCO (Tokyo Electric Power Company) knows exactly how much radiation that company has already dumped into the Pacific Ocean.  But several countries are demanding more information from the Japanese government. They are particularly concerned as to how the released radiation will affect their fish product industries.  Thus, the diplomatic wrangling has begun.  China, North Korea, Australia, New Zealand, and probably a host of other nations operating behind the scenes, are telling Japan that dumping high-level radiation into oceanic water systems is unacceptable.  That is significant seeing that in some 20 years of diplomatic fantangalling did nothing to stop Japan from whale hunting.  Nevertheless, governments––especially those on the Pacific rim––appear to be seriously concerned about the affects Japan’s disaster will have on their populations, and their fish industries.

 In the United States, with egg-in-face stoicism, corporate representatives and government overseers of nuclear power industries now march before Congress to explain that they are “reviewing safety measures,” because they know that this crisis will impact decisions about building new nuclear facilities and renewing licenses for existing ones.  Rep. Ed Markey, a member of the House Energy and Commerce Committee, wrote recently to the Nuclear Regulatory Commission explaining that Japan’s disaster makes evident “both the fragility of nuclear power plants and the potential consequences associated with a radiological release caused by earthquake-related damage.”  Everyone should be aware that, because of nuclear power’s extreme danger, commercial insurers refuse to insure these operations. Thus, nuclear power plants in this country are insured by the government, or rather by the American people.  Thus Markey wrote, “Taxpayer dollars should not be spent on reactors that could be at risk of suffering a catastrophic core meltdown in the event of an aircraft strike or major earthquake.”

 As we have been screaming from this blog site, “This is insane!”  Lethal radiation from Japanese plants now floats  around earth’s atmosphere. How many Japanese and those from other nations must die from breathing that deadly air? How many generations of sick deformed children does the world have to see before this insanity stops?  The same lethal poison now infuses the seas.  How many great sea animals must wash ashore dead from radiation poisoning?  And how many people must get sick or die from eating fish that likewise have ingested radiation poisoning?  The Lord Jesus Christ gives several commandments about those who willingly cause unnecessary deaths (Matthew 5: 21, 10: 28; Luke 12: 4; John 10:10, etc.). And in Bible prophecies, He identifies the king of death as the Red Horse Rider soon to be defeated forever (Revelation 6: 4). People must decide which god they serve: death for the sake of nuclear power, or the God of Life?

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