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Human Error, Animal Deaths: Japan’s Other Nuclear Disaster

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April 14, 2011

Speaking of the animals killed by British Petroleum’s oil spill in the Gulf, why does major media fail to mention how Japan’s radiation spills into sea water also destroys animal life?  These leaking power plants have released so much lethal radiation into the atmosphere that people are evacuated even further away from plant surroundings.  So what do those releasing these poisons think will happen with the tons of radioactive fluids they dump into the ocean?

 Apparently, England, France, Russia and nations in the former Soviet Union have been dumping radiation waste into ocean waters for years.  TED Case Studies points out that Russia’s neighbors will never know just how much contaminated radiation that nation has poured into the Arctic Sea. Because of the present Japan disaster, scientists now insists that there must now be a collective study of how nuclear dumping affects marine life, and the seafood chains reaching human populations as well. So far, governments surrounding Japan express concern about radiation’s harm to fish that people eat. South Korea wants a joint commission to study the affects of radiation dumping on Pacific area seafood industries.
        Elizabeth Grossman, who researches toxins affecting the human body, writes:  “With contaminated water from Japan’s crippled Fukushima nuclear complex continuing to pour into the Pacific, scientists are concerned about how that radioactivity might affect marine life . . . signs are that nuclear isotopes are already moving up the local food chain.” She cites environmental scientist Tom Hei of Columbia University who explains that radiation affects ocean animals in the same way that it affects people:  “Once in the body — whether inhaled or absorbed through gills or other organs — radiation can make its way into the bloodstream, lungs, and bony structures, potentially causing death, cancer, or genetic damage. Larger animals tend to be more sensitive to radiation than smaller ones.” So feeding ocean animals death can only bring death to the people who eat them.

 I laud the excellent undercover stories that Jael Ever and Sarah News Worthy (who, like myself, is a member of the International Association of Truth Telling Journalists) have brought to bear on Japan’s nuclear crisis. Sarah has posted pictures of deformed children born decades after the Chernobyl fallout. On seeing these children, one must ask, what then can be expected among animal families living in ocean waters ingesting Japan’s nuclear garbage?  Christian messages must stress more than ever 1 Timothy 4: 4 – 5 instructing believers to eat food with prayer and thanksgiving so that each meal is spiritually cleansed and “sanctified by The Word of God and prayer.” These messages must also stress that God laments every one of His creatures targeted by man’s negligence.  They are not forgotten before Him (Matthew 10: 29, Luke 12: 6).

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