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One Year Later: Animal Toll From Gulf Oil Spill Continues

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April 13, 2011

Even one year after the Gulf Oil Spill, the dead carcasses of sea animals still wash ashore along the Gulf.  Non-profit scientific groups claim that the numbers of dead animals far exceeds the official government counts. Thousands of animals washing ashore covered with oil in the weeks following the spill were expected.  But that they still pile up on shores––often, according to KHQ TV, allowed to rot––was not.  That the Spill caused the deaths of thousands of sea turtles is particularly disconcerting considering that they are the oldest living species on the planet, going back 150 million years.  Rocky Kistner of the National Resources Defense Council laments that the dead seat turtles that wash ashore are but a fraction of those animals whose bodies remain buried at sea: “it’s likely that many more turtles have died and will never be found”––even 50 times more.

 According to the Center for Biological Diversity, some “The number of birds, sea turtles, dolphins and other  animals sickened or killed and tallied as part of the government’s official count represents a small fraction of the total animals harmed by this disastrous spill.”  This undercounting  would lower the fine for the spill against British Petroleum (BP).  Tierra Curry, a biologist for the Center cries out that “No amount of mitigation money from BP could ever truly compensate for these horrendous losses.”  Researchers at the Center believe that some “6,000 sea turtles, 26,000 dolphins and whales, 82,000 birds, and countless fish and invertebrates may have been harmed.”  Moreover, they claim that the disaster from this spill will continue for decades. 

 Rhonda Miller of MPB News claims that 58 dead sea turtles have washed up on the Mississippi Gulf Coast since March 15th of this year alone.  And the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration confirms that number for the Mississippi shore and adds 14 dead sea turtles in Louisiana and 13 in Alabama to the list.  Ms. Miller’s article also notes that 44 dead dolphins have washed up on Mississippi shores this year alone, but when one includes Florida, Alabama and Louisiana the number of dolphins killed by the Gulf Spill this year alone rises to 147.  And Janet McConnaughey of the Associated Press adds that many of these dolphins are found dead with oil still covering their bodies.

 Sister Reprienstly, President of the International Association of Truth Telling Women Journalists does not allow us to curse, and as a Christian, I do not wish to either, but this time I am sorely tempted!  When in the name of all that is holy are people going to realize that the killing God’s animals for other than necessary food brings God’s judgment?  How many times does this blog have to quote from wholesale Christian Bibles that God will destroy those who destroy the earth (Revelation 11: 18)?  Listen, God cannot lie (Titus 1:2).  He always does what He promises to do.  If we do not stop this negligent slaughter, only judgment awaits.

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