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One Solution: Send The Snow to China

posted by Jael Ever @ 16:49 PM
February 16, 2011

One solution for readers complaining about so much snow is to send it all to China.  That nation has such a desperate need for snow that it uses chemicals to manufacturer it.  While most of the news releases coming out of China report that its artificial snow is for winter recreation, in truth the moisture is needed to fight a years-long drought.  China is the largest wheat producer in the world, and their winter wheat makes up almost a quarter of the nation’s entire crop.  English Aljazeera reports that six provinces in northeast China are suffering severe drought.  And those provinces are the center of the nation’s wheat producers.

    Cold winters usually produce the snow needed to cover and protect the winter wheat from harsh winters, while the cold alone is a crop killer.  So, while China claims to be seeding clouds for snow so that Beijing residents can enjoy winter sports, in truth it’s workers are seeding clouds around the country with silver iodine particles to provide the needed cover for wheat and other plants. reports that a few days ago what is officially known as the Beijing Meteorological Bureau burned some 1,241 articles of silver iodide smoke over nine districts.  Yu Xiaofen, Bureau spokesman says, “our next step is to supplement the tobacco section, and the operating point to properly maintain the ground.”

    But these artificial means will not produce enough water to combat drought and save the winter wheat, so officials  will soon divert water from waterways and underground springs.  This too is a bad idea.  As Probe International reports: “Beijing is using its groundwater faster than it can be recharged, creating a chronic deficit of around 600 million cubic meters and causing the city’s water table to fall 24 meters below sea level and to sink by 0.8 meters over the last decade.” Of course, as this blog has discussed before, shrinking aquifers bring sinking cities.

    Meanwhile, the snow-screen of producing the stuff for fun during winter droughts continues.   In December, China made artificial snow for the ski slopes in Beijing Olympic Park.  Attempting to make up for the tremendous economic loss of building a massive stadium for the 2008 Olympics in China, officials now use fake snow for a contrived “Happy Snow and Ice Season” that will include ski-slopes, skating rinks, and scores of miles of artificial snow for a winter sports park.  Could this all be to obviate the dominance of a never-ending drought?

    Christian messages prove that drought is a curse from God: “A drought is upon her waters; and they shall be dried up: for it is the land of graven images, and they are mad upon their idols (Jeremiah 50: 38).” No amount of technology can reverse such a curse.  Of course, the United States seeds clouds to make rain as well, so it has no room to brag.  Whether idols are capitalism or communism,  the madness must stop.  Elijah proved that God is The Only True Rainmaker, and as that prophet got Israel to understand, it is time for all nations to turn to Him.

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