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Reader’s Request: Winter Record 2010-2011, Part 1

posted by Jael Ever @ 14:39 PM
February 14, 2011

This is the first installment attempting to answer readers’ requests for information this winter’s unusual weather.  As in the case of information on earthquakes, volcano, storms, etc., in 2010, there is little agreement about record-setting in official records on this season’s snow, ice, odd weather combinations and extremely low temperatures.  Most available data is anecdotal, and limited to various regions of the United States.  This site reported earlier on unusual snow in the Pacific Northwest.  National Geographic adds that, “Some cities in the northeastern U.S. have already experienced record snowfall, such as Philadelphia, which has received 37 inches (91 centimeters) of the white stuff this winter, and New York City, which has seen 56 inches (142 centimeters).” 

 Also, earlier this month the second of two powerful blizzards ran through the mid-west dumping over two feet of snow.  Trucks, busses and cars were stuck for hours in freeways to such an extend that drivers and passengers sought shelter from local governments. The same storms moved as far south as Georgia, Tennessee, Mississippi, Arkansas and Louisiana––areas where people are not accustomed to sleet, ice, snow and bitterly cold weather.  The National Weather Service warned that the blizzards hitting Missouri and surrounding Ozark states is expected to be the worst winter storm since 1912.

 Most people struggling to stay alive and uninjured this winter are not aware of how this weather is hurting national and local economies.  Airports, schools, colleges and government offices shut down across the nation; mail, merchandize and equipment deliveries are late; and most businesses do not have systems allowing employees to work from home.  Restaurants, malls, hotels and other companies that depend upon customers to drive in, of course, suffer losses.  An economic consulting group insists that “Unplanned absences from weather or other causes last year cost an average of 8.7 percent of an organization’s base payroll.”  They add that these losses add up to hundreds of trillions of dollars over the year.

 Of course, if modern life had not tried to skew winter into a season for normal work and everyday living, these results of Global Warming may have been avoided.  Used Christian Bibles illustrates that winter is not to be a normalized season for work or travel.  It is a time for land and man to rest, rejuvenate and stay warm.  The Apostle Paul often writes about finding a safe place to stay for winter during his missionary travels: “And because the haven was not commodious to winter in, the more part advised to depart thence also, if by any means they might attain to Phenice, and there to winter . . . (Acts 27: 12).  (See also Matthew 24: 20, Mark 13: 18, 2 Timothy 4: 21, etc.)  But the coming end of the age of oil will soon force return to those days! So stock up on necessities and get ready for next winter!

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