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Jude Writes Editors: What’s Goin’ On With Winter?

posted by Mr. Jude @ 19:14 PM
February 8, 2011

What in the world’s going on?  Birds fallin’ out skies and nobody knows why?  Didn’t one o’  them doctors Jael writes ‘bout say its from cell phone waves? What he sayin’ now?  Then there’s poisons in ours drinkin’ waters!  Bedbugs c’aint be killed!  En, from what I reads in Jael’s reportin’, it looks to me like Aussie’s comin’ all aparts.  Hey, that’s suppose to be a rich country, ain’t it?  Then I sees 2010 settin’ all kinds of records on Global Warmin’, as if we’s livin through it didn’t already know that!  ‘En that blog message ‘bout Napoleon and Hitler, that a third and worser of them guy is comin’ –– that’s really scary.

 What’s I’s writin’ bout now is this––what’s going on wi’ this here snow?  Jael ain’t writtin’ much bout it.  Fore winter we did a lot on gettin ready for it and we sent in reports to you guys and all.  Now I’s doin’ all I can to shovel my walks and parkin’ places,  and a lot of us got our street organized so that we can help other peoples, widows ‘en all, keep their spaces shoveled.  Me and other fellas on the block’s got those snow blowers, and we use ‘em to helps others who don’t. 

 But other streets is a mess.  En if me and other good mens on the block didn’t keep at it hours a day, ours would be too.  Sometimes people can’t even go to work.  Freeways meanin’ nothin.’  I even saw where peoples livin’ in Chicago were stuck for hours tryin’ to get home from work.  And they all finally just left ‘em there in the road and walked away.  Pictues on T.V. with dozens and dozens of cars froze in place.  Them newspapers says parts of Texas ain’t seen such snow before.  Don’t you know it just keeps snowing and snowing!  En’ I don’ts cares bout what no dumb ground hog says.  Seems like this winter ain’t ne’er bein’ over.

 What I wants to know now is why ain’t Jael writtin’ stuff ‘bout this winter?   I’s been searching papers and the net and thar don’t seem to be much ‘bout it bein’ a record winter.  But look!  I knows this ain’t no reguler winter.  And I wants to know why!  I suspec’ its somethin’ to do with Global Warming.  I sure hopes Jael and them other women is workin’ on this story! If we’s don’t get a handle on this stuff, we could be goin’ the way of Australia with all the weather hittin’ at once! 

 I’s tryin’ ta think bout summer ‘cause I’m drawin up special pictures to send to wholesale Christian t-shirts so they can make ‘em special for everyone to wear to our block parties ‘en picnics this summer.  So I just close my eyes and think summer, summer, summer.  But it ain’t working.  When I open ‘em, its still snow, snow, snow and this long, long winter everywhere piled up!

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