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Australian Flooding Woes Go On and On and . . .

posted by Jael Ever @ 13:22 PM
January 13, 2011

An update on those seemingly never-ending flood waters in Australia:  Just when the New York Times Sunday edition was boasting about the enduring citizens of Australia stoically facing a flooding disaster that seemed to be winding down, the rains pounded even harder and new tsunami-type waves swept over hapless cities.  Within hours of their first story, the Times headlines yelled about the rising death toll of 18 known casualties, including mothers and children, and warned of 72 people unaccounted for.   Thousands still sat stranded on roof-tops awaiting rescue helicopter crews who themselves are tired and overwhelmed.

 According to the Associated Press, a flash flood “hurled untold millions of gallons of water down Queensland state’s Lockyer Valley.”  The torrent funneled down some six inches of rain in 30 minutes, “tossing cars like toys . . [and] . . . lifting houses from foundations.”   Rushing without warning, flash floods as high as 26 feet now sweep through towns, giving exhausted survivors no notice of the oncoming walls of water.  Moreover, the floods now turns its attention to Brisbane, one of the nation’s largest cities, where officials say some 20,000 homes are in danger.  Officials there are telling people there not to drive, to conserve drinking water and to expect power cuts.  After Brisbane, the next city in the flood’s sights is Sydney, which is in the most populated state, and is the nation’s capital.

 For Americans to understand what is happening to a valued sister nation, one would have to imagine the New Orleans floods ravaging half of the United States.  At this point, the devastation in Australia has reached such enormous proportions that it would seem impossible for the country to ever fully recover.  Believers everywhere should pray for Australia.  That nation is filled with Christian people who profess their faith in God and in His Dear Son.  Pray for them, for the nation’s leaders and for everyone there to survive this now more than six week-old attack.
 In addition, however, as this blog site has repeatedly pointed out, Australia’s woes are a harbinger warning of the dangers of Global Warming for the rest of the world, including the United States.  The Queensland state in that nation had suffered years of crippling drought.  And now the floods have come.  These are typical Global Warming extremes, both of which bring death and destruction to people, homes and national economies.  Such desolation is also a precursor of the end-of-days.  Yes nations have gone through floods before, but ultimately today’s flood are caused by man-made climate disruption.  And seldom in the history of mankind has flooding or drought engulfed not just one nation, but all the world.  Yes, it is time, yea past time, to get on one’s knees, to dig out those Christian prayer books and ask the Father to give us more time to repent, to change our ways of living, and to forestall the effects of Global Warming.

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Coal, Pecans and the Negligence of Power

posted by Jael Ever @ 13:22 PM
January 12, 2011

Again considering the hazards of coal, farmers in Texas now suffer millions in losses because of coal power-plant emissions.  As one Texas newspaper states, coal plants turn all vegetation around them into “dead zones.”  In fact, these dead zones are apparent at the 19 coal-fired power plants throughout Texas.  And, although technology is available to cut emissions of sulfur dioxide, one plant, the Fayette Power Project in Lowell, Texas,  has refused for 30 years to install it.

 In regards to this plant, Associated Press reporter, Ramit Plushnick-Masti writes: “Along a stretch of Highway 21, in Texas’ pastoral Hill Country, is a vegetative wasteland. Trees are barren, or covered in gray, dying foliage and peeling bark.”  Pecan growers watching their trees “die slow, agonizing deaths” are particularly affected.  One rancher points to 2,000 pecan trees are now dead and not producing the income his family has depended upon for generations.  Of course, Texas corporations (backed by some government authorities) operating these plants deny that sulfur dioxide emissions from their plants cause dying trees, claiming instead that drought is the culprit.  But then few point out that coal fire emissions contribute to Global Warming which in turn causes drought.

 But it gets worse.  Not only is lax oversight allowing coal-fired power plants across the country to kill the vegetation around them.  Like Australia, this nation is exporting coal around the world so that coal-fired plants will kill vegetation wherever it is sent.  According to famed columnist, George Wills, “Half of the 6 billion tons of coal burned globally each year is burned in China.”  And American environmentalists say that by exporting coal, this country is exporting Global Warming!  Moreover, Wills points out that––even as the environmentalists army in this country fights against coal-fired plants and other contributions to Global Warming––that fight has no affect on China.  That nation has no effective environmental, journalistic or balancing governmental  force.  And that government has little regard for the heavy soot and smog that chokes its cities. 

 But then of course, with all the freedoms of democracy, unfettered journalism, and environmental activists, the U.S. may not be handling the problem of Global Warming much better.  Too often, corporate and political leaders have stubbornly refused to truthfully confront the issues, such as continuous dependence on coal-fired power plants, threatening the planet.  In a nation filled with churches, where a majority of its citizens claim Christian beliefs, such refusal to accept truth, and take responsibility for change, bodes of stubbornness.  However, 1 Samuel 15: 23 in wholesale Christian Bibles labels stubbornness as worse than idolatry.  Hence these coal-firing power plants become one of the modern idols before which too many leaders kneel, and onto which a slipping nation clings.

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Truth Telling Women Join Earth End Blog

posted by admin @ 17:27 PM
January 11, 2011

Please allow us to introduce ourselves.  We are members of the International Association of Truth Telling Women Journalists, shortly known as IATTWJ.  My name is Sandra Repriestly, and I am President of the IATTWJ.  Jael Ever, editor and chief of, asked me to select a group of our members to do some special reporting for this blog site.  We are honored to fulfill her request. 

 In addition to myself, the following women will join Jael in spreading urgent truths at this site:  Sarah N. Worthy, whose motto is All the “News” Worthy For On-Line Journalism;  Ally I. Feermeno, whose column advertises “Seriously Ferreting Out News For Internet Publication”;  Ida Mae Wells, 4th, who writes that she is always willing to expose truth as her great great-grandmother did.  And Maleekie Ambularie, one of our international correspondents, who writes that she is an underground spy for IATTWJ.  I have asked each of them to comment.

 Sarah:  Look, we women who belong to IATTWJ dedicate ourselves to covering all the news that’s fit to print.  Some of us have even been fired from mainstream media because we refuse to play the cover-up game.  Folks joke with me that the N. in my middle initial stands for “News.”  And that’s o.k. with me! 

 Jael assigned me to work on a story about chemicals in the drinking water of some cities.  I will submit it to her as soon as research and writing are complete.  From what I know already, this story is “woweee” sensational, and I wonder why so little is being written about it.  But then, we all know why, don’t we?

 Ally:  There is much to uncover, because so much of the truth affecting the American people remains hidden.  The IATTWJ mantra is to dig out the truth so that our internet readers can see and understand urgent issues affecting their lives. 

 Jael has me working on the story behind these thousands of birds falling out of skies in several states, and the myriad fish likewise showing up dead on sea shores in this and other countries.  This one is hot!!  Many companies and manufacturers don’t what backgrounds about those incidents to come to light!

 Ida Mae:  My Great Grandmother put her life on the line to get the truth out about bigotry, even after the Civil   War.  She wrote and published newspaper articles when the country was divided over what was right and what was wrong.  In very dangerous times, she wrote in faith that the truth would set people free.  Her life is my example for what a true journalist should be and do.  If the Fourth Estate in this country doesn’t start telling the unvarnished truth about the causes of Global Warming, the freedoms we all now share could well be lost. 

 Jael asked me to research the connections between multi-national corporations and the politicians they finance.  Once elected, these politicians are strongly against anything being done to combat Global Warming.  These are the same things my famous grandmother use to write about:  moneyed interests who lack sincere concern for human lives.

 Maleekie:  My reporting is usually about Third World locations.  I volunteered for this assignment, because so many issues about Global Warming usually hit Third World countries first, and the affects it has on the masses there seldom reaches mainstream media, or even the internet. 

 Jael gave me the mission to report on dangerous, and even deadly, droughts and water pollution that have put jobs and lives in jeopardy in most of these poorer nations.  This is a big assignment.  But I join my other sister journalists in  welcoming the opportunity to get the truth out about how Global Warming is affecting the poor.

 Sandra:  Thank you so much sisters.  We all collectively thank Jael for giving us this chance to share our findings with millions on line.  Let us close with a reminder of what Jesus Our Savior said in wholesale Christian Bibles, “And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free (John 8: 32).”  Only when journalists, corporations and politicians tell the full story about climate change, will nations truly fight against Global Warming’s deaths and destructions.

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Uncle John Calls Aunt Bea After Christmas

posted by Uncle John @ 17:12 PM
January 10, 2011

Uncle John:  “Hi Bea.  This is John.  How ya doing?”

 Aunt Bea:  “Oh.  Hi John.  I’m getting along ok I guess. How you be?”

 Uncle John:   “What ya mean? You guess!  What’s going on?  What’s wrong?”

 Aunt Bea:  “Oh . . . I’m alright I guess.  It’s just  . . . well. . . I’m tired of  this winter, cold and snow and gunk, and I’m tired of being stuck in this house. . . . and I’m tired to everything else too. I guess.”

 Uncle John:  “Yeah  .  It sounds like winter cabin fever to me.  But is ya staying warm?”

 Aunt Bea: “Oh yeah, yeah.  I’s done all the things we talked about.  Got all that insulation in, and the pipes wrapped, and windows doubled.  Even have my quilts on em.”

 Uncle John:  “Well what’s wrong then?  Me and them boys come by and take you shopping and stuff anytime you want.  Tell me what’s the problem?”

 Aunt Bea:  “I’s just tired of winter.  I want springtime ‘en flowers ‘en warm breezes ‘en good stuff.”

 Uncle John:  “I knows what ya mean Bea.  But look, new things is coming soon.  Did ya hear about all them new reporters Jael is hirin’?
 Aunt Bea: “Yeah I think them’s gonna bring some more good and new truths to  I sticks with Jael for news.  And I try to watch funny stuff on T.V. just to keep me laughing but I’s still tired of winter.”

 Uncle John:  “Bea, why don’t I jump in the truck and run over.  We can just go out to Fred’s Barn for dinner.  And that new movie from them C.S. Lewis Chronicles is out.  Maybe we can see that too.”

 Aunt Bea’s:  “Oh John that’s sounds wonderful.  I bought those Chronicles from wholesale Christian books for the grankids’ gifts for Christmas.  Ahhh, the movie should be so much fun.  I thinks that it is about Christian victory.  That’s what I needs to think about.  Christians always get the victory in every tryin’ time through Christ Jesus.  Let me hang up and get dressed right now.  And thanks John for thinkin’ bout me.  I preciate it so much.  Bye.  See you soon.”

 Uncle John:  “Thanks you too Bea.  I should be to get ya in about 20 minutes.  Bye till then!”

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Australia’s Floods: Man’s Neglect and Nature’s Warnings, Part 2

posted by Jael Ever @ 17:25 PM
January 7, 2011

Oops.  This blog pronounced for the death of coal in Australia way too early.  Why, already, the major international coal companies there are hastening to dry out mines in the heavily flooded areas where most of Australia’s coal is found.  They are hoping to be up and running within days––or weeks––well soon anyway.  And, in a most ungenerous gesture, the national government is offering those whose homes have been destroyed by the storms’ havoc $ 1,000 for each adult and $ 400 per child.  And, of course, the government is anxious for the coal mines to run again soon because they need the tax money.  There will be so much to fix if the rain ever stops, and flood waters go down.

 One politician, Senator Barnaby Joyce, best explained the average flood victim’s mood, “People are thinking … we’ve got no money, no crop, we’ve really got no future.”  Yet owners of the major coal companies, along with their political supporters, certainly believe that in their own futures, even if the common folk don’t.  Resources Minister Stephen Robertson, a member of the government recently elected with the promise that it would cut coal’s domination over Australia’s economy, promised this week, “It’s going to take some months for some mines to be back to full operation.  We earn ’round about AU$100 million ($100 million) a day exporting coal to the rest of the world . . .”

 While he confidently looks forward to economic recovery for a few, displaced citizens consider the realities of survival.  The Associated Press now reports that the increased flooding in Australia threatens sewage systems, with  mayors suggesting that sewage must be emptied into the same flood waters soaking people’s homes.  Moreover, crocodiles and snakes swimming into buildings seeking the safety of dry land pose another threat.  “There’s a lot of snakes — and I mean a lot,” Rockhampton resident Shane Muirhead told Australian Broadcasting Corp. “Like, every hundred yards (meters) you will see a snake, and they’re just everywhere.”
 Lack of basic necessities will surely bring soaring inflation to Australia, while the flood’s economic devastation will be felt around the globe.  Mosquitoes now fly everywhere over that nation’s trash-strewn flood waters.  And health officials fear a rise of dengue fever after the waters subside.  But the few corporate scions say, “Why should this matter?  It will all be o.k. once we crank up the mines and keep earth’s steel, electricity and pollution going again.”

 The Book of Revelation points out that those responsible for earth’s unbearable heat would rather curse God than to accept responsibility for their actions.  In earth’s final days of  unbelievable anguish, Australia’s present suffering will be seen as good times when changes could have been made to save the planet.

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Australia’s Floods: Man’s Neglect and Nature’s Warnings

posted by Jael Ever @ 17:12 PM
January 6, 2011

Because the flood in Australia is so massive, it gets good coverage from the mainstream media.  The fact that this nation is a first world ally of the United States also expands coverage of this great tragedy.  But few mainstream writers deal with Global Warming as the underlying cause of this catastrophic flooding.  Even fewer journalists mention what could have been done to prevent or ameliorate these floods––including that nation’s political and corporate leadership’s refusal to embrace and plan for moves away from toxic coal pollution.  Their argument was always the cost of jobs for Australian citizens.  Well those citizens have no worry now for flood waters have ruined the mines.

 Daniel Munoz of World News reports, “Flooded open-pit coal mines and washed out rail lines in Queensland state have seen global miners including Anglo American and Rio Tinto declare force majeure and reduce coal exports to a trickle.”  Sending 225 million tons of coal out to the world, Australia is the world’s biggest exporting of the type of coal used to make steel, and it is the next to largest exporter of the type of coal used to generate power.  But ships are now waiting at her ports to receive coal orders that can never be filled.  In addition, half of the nation’s wheat crop is also ruined.  And the flooding has damaged rail lines coming from the washed out area which is larger than France and Germany combined.

        The term “force majeure” essentially frees coal and shipping companies from responsibility for shipments that cannot be delivered because of an “act of God.”  But such a declaration is not accurate.  This flooding is not God or nature’s fault.  It is the fault of a few people so enamored by selfish profit that they would risk a nation’s well-being to achieve it.  Now some 200,000 people have been forced from their homes, and upon returning will probably find that they have little left.  At last count, at least nine people have drowned in the flood waters, and countless domestic and wild animals have died as well.  Even before being evacuated, citizens faced food shortages, power outages, etc.  Other horrors of these flood waters which are still rising will be covered in tomorrow’s blog.

 Several headlines insist that Australia’s flooding reaches Biblical proportions.  As wholesale Christian books point out, the flooding in Noah’s day covered the earth.  Likewise, Australia’s flooding will affect the world.  There will be less coal and wheat to distribute, poor nations will go without, and first world nations will suffer, continuing to ignore Global Warming.  In a few short years, Australia has endured immense fires, earth quakes, hard droughts, coral reef corruption, snow in summer, etc.  And only recently have citizens demanded that something be done about the nation’s dependence on coal.  One wonders what the United States must go through before its citizens demand that leadership respond to Global Warming.  Although Noah preached warnings 120 years, people refused to listen.  But this time, there will not be 120 years left to resist change!

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Disappearing Ground Water Means Sinking Cities, Part 2

posted by Jael Ever @ 13:17 PM
January 4, 2011

But it is not just in China and other eastern nations where the overuse of groundwater is causing the collapse of major architectural structures.  The problem also hits closer to home.  From Boston in the East Coast to small towns in the middle of California, overuse of aquifers horribly affects structures in cities and towns across this country.  But suffering from this slow collapse of solid earth even more so is the capital city south of the border.
 Workers in Mexico City, a huge metropolis, are racing to stop the city’s collapse caused by drying aquifers.  More than 70% of this city’s water supply is pumped from aquifers below the city.  According to the wise geek, “Evidence of Mexico City’s sinking is everywhere, from cracking streets and sidewalks to moving foundations and crooked balconies.”  In some places, who wings of buildings are tearing away from the main structures.  He writers further that “Railroads and subway lines are threatened due to fracturing tracks, and unstable foundations,” and a quarter of its citizens don’t have fresh water because of sinking damage to plumbing and sewers.

 Sam Dillon writing for insists that Mexico City has sunk some 30 feet because of drying aquifers.  He and Chris Hawley of The Arizona Republic write about massive underground construction projects commissioned to shore up sinking buildings.  And emergency scaffolding is used to shore up walls for famous buildings above ground, such as the National Cathedral and the National Palace.  And so much of the problem––as in other countries––is simply wasted water.  Dillon adds that at least a third of every gallon of clean water pumped through the city’s systems leaks away into waste.  So much repair of buildings and rail ways above ground, as well as waterways underground, is needed that the situation seems hopeless.

 In “Dying Aquifers, Sinking Cities,” the on-line author “Edro” argues: “Water, our most precious resource, is also the world’s most abused, misused and neglected resource. . . . World cities and agricultural lands that are situated above aquifers and groundwater reserves are slowly but permanently sinking into the ground, as the water is pumped out at phenomenal rates.”

 So often in The Old Testament, nations were badly in need of this precious resource––water.  First Kings in wholesale Christian Bibles gives the account of the prophet Elijah who withstood false prophets and prayed rain down from heaven.  James later writes in the New Testament that “Elias was a man subject to like passions as we are, . . . he prayed earnestly . . .” until the rain fell.  The apostle’s point is that all believers can pray nations out of this mad state of water waste, water loss and earth collapse.  But without that prayer, what Global Warming doesn’t destroy, dying aquifers will probably finish the job.

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Happy New Year From All of Us

posted by Jael Ever @ 13:16 PM
January 3, 2011

Just a Short Note to Say “HAPPY NEW YEAR” from all of us at this blog site.  And, as we tried to warn you in 2010, hold onto your seats, because as the old folks use to say, “You ain’t seen nothing yet!” For all that Global Warming is sending in 2011 will be far worse than 2010.

 Take a look at what is happening in Australia––floods, cyclones, snow in winter, droughts in some places, floods in others, extreme smog from coal mining, etc.  That nation is a harbinger message to the rest of the earth.  If national leaders don’t get serious about changing industrial contributions to climate change, if they don’t to more to protect people, lands, oceans and air––all of the earth will just suffer more and more.

 In this New Year, look for: extremely hotter summers and colder winters; more intense storms, tornadoes and wacky weather; more mysterious sink holes, land slides, volcanoes, etc.; more disappearing animal species; more forests dying from fires and excessive heat; more weather related human and animal deaths; etc.

 But remember that these disasters are man-made, not God-made.  And remember that, as wholesale Christian Bibles say, God Loves You (John 3: 16).  Draw closer to Him in this New Year.  Trust Him for protection and provision.  And remember that service to Him brings love and rewards, both in this life and for all eternity.

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