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Insurances Losses: Global Warming Records in 2010 Part 3

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January 28, 2011

Either there is no international comparative record keeping of floods, extreme heat waves, blizzards, landslides, and other Global Warming destruction in 2010, or record keepers have orders to keep quiet. But a close look at insurance industry records reveals 2010 as well above average for losses. Only the poverty of Third World Countries, such as Haiti, Chili and Pakistan, where most victims don’t have casualty insurance, prevents insurance company collapses, more than all of Hong Kong’s economy.” The only redeeming help for the insurance industry is that “disasters often struck poor areas without heavy insurance, such as Haiti,” Swiss Re concluded.

Sally Roberts, writing for Business Insurance, warns: “The first quarter of 2010 likely will be the worst-ever first quarter for natural catastrophe losses . . .” Oliver Suess and Sarah Frier, Bloomburg reporters, add: “Insurers’ losses from natural catastrophes, including the February earthquake in Chile, totaled $22 billion in the first half of the year, more than double the average for the period since 2000 . . .” By the end of the year those losses totaled $ 222 billion.

Peter Hoeppe, head of the Risks Research Department for Munic Re, an insurance statistic company, reports that three horrific disasters in the first half of last year were exceedingly high in their record books: earthquakes in Chile and Haiti and storms in Europe. He reports: “”The Haiti and Chile earthquakes in particular rank among the most devastating events ever recorded. . . . European winter storm Xynthia, which swept across Portugal, Spain, France and Germany in February, is expected to cost insurers $ 3.4 billion.” The Swiss Re insurance research body sums 2010 losses: “Disasters caused $ 222 billion in economic losses in 2010

Moreover, these record keepers name Global Warming as the major cause of these disasters. Insurance Information Institute President, Bob Hartwig said in a Munich Re conference call: “Global warming has already and will in the future contribute to the increase in the probability of these events.” In that call, Hoppe added: “Losses from natural catastrophes caused by climate change will rise . . .”

Insurance companies shell out billions, thereby giving illusion that the Earth can be put back together again. They claim that only the havoc wrought by Global Warming in 2005, comes close to that of 2010. But those monetary losses cannot match those following the collapse of the world economies in 2008, when trillions in wealth disappeared, without explanation. More secrets! Those knowing Christ as Savior remember His promise in wholesale Christian Bibles: “For nothing is secret, that shall not be made manifest; neither any thing hid, that shall not be known and come abroad (Luke 8: 17).” Readers should make sure they are in Christ when these and all secrets that are not covered by His blood will be revealed!

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