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Beginnings of the End

posted by Jael Ever @ 14:42 PM
January 24, 2011

If political and business leaders continue to delay addressing man-made causes of Global Warming, it will increasingly affect world economies in the coming months and years.   Overwhelmingly oppressive summer heat, biting cold stormy winters, floods, hurricanes, volcano eruptions, drying fresh waters, polluted air and oceans, dying trees and vegetation, threatened and disappearing species, etc.––all cannot go on without massively affecting human lives and national economies.  History shows that severely afflicted economies lead to starvation, collapsed civil governments and hopeless populations––and eventually to wars. In vicious cycles, wars simply bring more poverty and devastation.  World economies now dance around possibilities of collapse, which no one seems capable of stopping.

 Various secular prophets, including French seer Nostradamus, insist that the world has already been afflicted by two antiChrist figures:  Napoleon and Hitler.  It is estimated that Napoleon killed three to six million people in his military and Haitian colony campaigns.  But using more advanced military technology, Hitler is responsible for the deaths of some 50 million people during World War II.  With nine billion people now living on the face of the earth, Biblical prophecy predicts that two thirds of these will die from the world wars incited by the last antiChrist, whose sole purpose, like Satan, his spiritual father, is to kill, steal and destroy (John 10: 10).  This destruction will not only be advanced by technologies like atom and nuclear bombs, but by new and galloping diseases, famine, and poisonous elements in air, earth and water.

 Because of these explosions of technologies and populations, there is no better time in the history of the world for Christians to exercise faith in the second half of John 10: 10 where Christ said: but “I am come that they might have life, and have it more abundantly.”  Parts of the Bible (i.e. the minor prophet Joel) promise a great outpouring of God’s Holy Spirit bringing salvation to billions, before the end comes.  But such revival cannot come from a Body of inert Christians.  True revival begins––not in the world––but with Christians crying out to God in earnest prayer and deep repentance.  Wearing wholesale Christian t-shirts, attending church services, and giving offerings is not enough.  God so loved these nine billion people that He gave His Only Son to die for them (John 3: 16).  The question now is, do Christians love them enough to pray, give and “go into all the world and preach the Gospel to every creature” as Christ commanded in Mark 16: 15.  If not, Global Warming insures that the last antiChrist will take charge sooner, rather than later.

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