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Telephone Awareness and Alarm

posted by Aunt Bea @ 19:50 PM
January 21, 2011

 Bea:  John, John its me Bea!  Has ya been readin Jael’s blogs this week?  ‘bout the ways Christians bein’ treated in some places?

 John:  Yes Bea I has.  What you think ‘bout all this?

 Bea:  My Lord.  It’s frightenin.  We use ta get up offerings for missions in church sometimes.  But nobody knew all of this was goin‘ on.  How come we’s didn‘ knows people getting sacrificed just cause there’s Christians?

 John:  This is what Jael’s been talking ‘bout.  We’s in the last days Bea, and we all have to buckle up and do more!  Bea is ya listening?

 Bea:  And children bein’ forced to give up Christian upbringin and swear to follow Islam!  Why that’s dawnrigh criminal!  How does them dogs gets away with  that?  How does their’s parents let ‘em get away with that?

 John:  Its cause they live in places of super control, called police states, where peoples have no rights, and no free press, and no opposition to anything.  Don’t you realize that Bea?

 Bea:  Well course I do.  The pastors preach ‘bout these things sometime.  I’s ain’t ignorant John.  It’s just that sometimes I don’t like to see or hear about these unpleasantrees.   They can be upsetting and I have to watch my health.  But John, remember I go with the Ladies Auxiliary to serve in them Mission Kitchens durin’ holidays.  And I’s been a good God-fearin mother and wife.

 John:  Ya got to realize Bee.  But being Christian’s more than just goin’ ta church and buying and giving and wearing them wholesale Christian t-shirts.  Its lovin’ and carin’ and and forgivin’ and givin’ and prayin’.  And its carin ‘bout others even if they ain’t the same or look the same as you.  Its carin’ for peoples both at home and abroad.  Don’t ya see that Bea?

 Bea:  I know John. I know.  I does what I cans when I gets the times.
 John:  O.K. Bea.  Have you called Jude yet?  And that neighbor of his ya was so upset ‘bout, Ethel Mae Johnson?  She’s a widow woman tryin’ to care for her daughter’s orphaned children.  She could use a Christian ladies’ help Bea.  She wrote a letter to Jael sayin’ she hoped to meet you sometime.

 Bea:  I knows.  I knows John.  I’m gonna call ‘em soon.  I just ain’t got round to it yet.  But I’s gonna.

 John:  Well o.k.  See that ya do.  I got to go now Bea.  Talk to ya soon.

 Bea:  O.K. John.  Take care and keep prayin’.

 John:  I will.  You too.  Bye!

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