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Australian Flooding Woes Go On and On and . . .

posted by Jael Ever @ 13:22 PM
January 13, 2011

An update on those seemingly never-ending flood waters in Australia:  Just when the New York Times Sunday edition was boasting about the enduring citizens of Australia stoically facing a flooding disaster that seemed to be winding down, the rains pounded even harder and new tsunami-type waves swept over hapless cities.  Within hours of their first story, the Times headlines yelled about the rising death toll of 18 known casualties, including mothers and children, and warned of 72 people unaccounted for.   Thousands still sat stranded on roof-tops awaiting rescue helicopter crews who themselves are tired and overwhelmed.

 According to the Associated Press, a flash flood “hurled untold millions of gallons of water down Queensland state’s Lockyer Valley.”  The torrent funneled down some six inches of rain in 30 minutes, “tossing cars like toys . . [and] . . . lifting houses from foundations.”   Rushing without warning, flash floods as high as 26 feet now sweep through towns, giving exhausted survivors no notice of the oncoming walls of water.  Moreover, the floods now turns its attention to Brisbane, one of the nation’s largest cities, where officials say some 20,000 homes are in danger.  Officials there are telling people there not to drive, to conserve drinking water and to expect power cuts.  After Brisbane, the next city in the flood’s sights is Sydney, which is in the most populated state, and is the nation’s capital.

 For Americans to understand what is happening to a valued sister nation, one would have to imagine the New Orleans floods ravaging half of the United States.  At this point, the devastation in Australia has reached such enormous proportions that it would seem impossible for the country to ever fully recover.  Believers everywhere should pray for Australia.  That nation is filled with Christian people who profess their faith in God and in His Dear Son.  Pray for them, for the nation’s leaders and for everyone there to survive this now more than six week-old attack.
 In addition, however, as this blog site has repeatedly pointed out, Australia’s woes are a harbinger warning of the dangers of Global Warming for the rest of the world, including the United States.  The Queensland state in that nation had suffered years of crippling drought.  And now the floods have come.  These are typical Global Warming extremes, both of which bring death and destruction to people, homes and national economies.  Such desolation is also a precursor of the end-of-days.  Yes nations have gone through floods before, but ultimately today’s flood are caused by man-made climate disruption.  And seldom in the history of mankind has flooding or drought engulfed not just one nation, but all the world.  Yes, it is time, yea past time, to get on one’s knees, to dig out those Christian prayer books and ask the Father to give us more time to repent, to change our ways of living, and to forestall the effects of Global Warming.

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