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Truth Telling Women Join Earth End Blog

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January 11, 2011

Please allow us to introduce ourselves.  We are members of the International Association of Truth Telling Women Journalists, shortly known as IATTWJ.  My name is Sandra Repriestly, and I am President of the IATTWJ.  Jael Ever, editor and chief of, asked me to select a group of our members to do some special reporting for this blog site.  We are honored to fulfill her request. 

 In addition to myself, the following women will join Jael in spreading urgent truths at this site:  Sarah N. Worthy, whose motto is All the “News” Worthy For On-Line Journalism;  Ally I. Feermeno, whose column advertises “Seriously Ferreting Out News For Internet Publication”;  Ida Mae Wells, 4th, who writes that she is always willing to expose truth as her great great-grandmother did.  And Maleekie Ambularie, one of our international correspondents, who writes that she is an underground spy for IATTWJ.  I have asked each of them to comment.

 Sarah:  Look, we women who belong to IATTWJ dedicate ourselves to covering all the news that’s fit to print.  Some of us have even been fired from mainstream media because we refuse to play the cover-up game.  Folks joke with me that the N. in my middle initial stands for “News.”  And that’s o.k. with me! 

 Jael assigned me to work on a story about chemicals in the drinking water of some cities.  I will submit it to her as soon as research and writing are complete.  From what I know already, this story is “woweee” sensational, and I wonder why so little is being written about it.  But then, we all know why, don’t we?

 Ally:  There is much to uncover, because so much of the truth affecting the American people remains hidden.  The IATTWJ mantra is to dig out the truth so that our internet readers can see and understand urgent issues affecting their lives. 

 Jael has me working on the story behind these thousands of birds falling out of skies in several states, and the myriad fish likewise showing up dead on sea shores in this and other countries.  This one is hot!!  Many companies and manufacturers don’t what backgrounds about those incidents to come to light!

 Ida Mae:  My Great Grandmother put her life on the line to get the truth out about bigotry, even after the Civil   War.  She wrote and published newspaper articles when the country was divided over what was right and what was wrong.  In very dangerous times, she wrote in faith that the truth would set people free.  Her life is my example for what a true journalist should be and do.  If the Fourth Estate in this country doesn’t start telling the unvarnished truth about the causes of Global Warming, the freedoms we all now share could well be lost. 

 Jael asked me to research the connections between multi-national corporations and the politicians they finance.  Once elected, these politicians are strongly against anything being done to combat Global Warming.  These are the same things my famous grandmother use to write about:  moneyed interests who lack sincere concern for human lives.

 Maleekie:  My reporting is usually about Third World locations.  I volunteered for this assignment, because so many issues about Global Warming usually hit Third World countries first, and the affects it has on the masses there seldom reaches mainstream media, or even the internet. 

 Jael gave me the mission to report on dangerous, and even deadly, droughts and water pollution that have put jobs and lives in jeopardy in most of these poorer nations.  This is a big assignment.  But I join my other sister journalists in  welcoming the opportunity to get the truth out about how Global Warming is affecting the poor.

 Sandra:  Thank you so much sisters.  We all collectively thank Jael for giving us this chance to share our findings with millions on line.  Let us close with a reminder of what Jesus Our Savior said in wholesale Christian Bibles, “And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free (John 8: 32).”  Only when journalists, corporations and politicians tell the full story about climate change, will nations truly fight against Global Warming’s deaths and destructions.

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