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Uncle John Calls Aunt Bea After Christmas

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January 10, 2011

Uncle John:  “Hi Bea.  This is John.  How ya doing?”

 Aunt Bea:  “Oh.  Hi John.  I’m getting along ok I guess. How you be?”

 Uncle John:   “What ya mean? You guess!  What’s going on?  What’s wrong?”

 Aunt Bea:  “Oh . . . I’m alright I guess.  It’s just  . . . well. . . I’m tired of  this winter, cold and snow and gunk, and I’m tired of being stuck in this house. . . . and I’m tired to everything else too. I guess.”

 Uncle John:  “Yeah  .  It sounds like winter cabin fever to me.  But is ya staying warm?”

 Aunt Bea: “Oh yeah, yeah.  I’s done all the things we talked about.  Got all that insulation in, and the pipes wrapped, and windows doubled.  Even have my quilts on em.”

 Uncle John:  “Well what’s wrong then?  Me and them boys come by and take you shopping and stuff anytime you want.  Tell me what’s the problem?”

 Aunt Bea:  “I’s just tired of winter.  I want springtime ‘en flowers ‘en warm breezes ‘en good stuff.”

 Uncle John:  “I knows what ya mean Bea.  But look, new things is coming soon.  Did ya hear about all them new reporters Jael is hirin’?
 Aunt Bea: “Yeah I think them’s gonna bring some more good and new truths to  I sticks with Jael for news.  And I try to watch funny stuff on T.V. just to keep me laughing but I’s still tired of winter.”

 Uncle John:  “Bea, why don’t I jump in the truck and run over.  We can just go out to Fred’s Barn for dinner.  And that new movie from them C.S. Lewis Chronicles is out.  Maybe we can see that too.”

 Aunt Bea’s:  “Oh John that’s sounds wonderful.  I bought those Chronicles from wholesale Christian books for the grankids’ gifts for Christmas.  Ahhh, the movie should be so much fun.  I thinks that it is about Christian victory.  That’s what I needs to think about.  Christians always get the victory in every tryin’ time through Christ Jesus.  Let me hang up and get dressed right now.  And thanks John for thinkin’ bout me.  I preciate it so much.  Bye.  See you soon.”

 Uncle John:  “Thanks you too Bea.  I should be to get ya in about 20 minutes.  Bye till then!”

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