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Australia’s Floods: Man’s Neglect and Nature’s Warnings, Part 2

posted by Jael Ever @ 17:25 PM
January 7, 2011

Oops.  This blog pronounced for the death of coal in Australia way too early.  Why, already, the major international coal companies there are hastening to dry out mines in the heavily flooded areas where most of Australia’s coal is found.  They are hoping to be up and running within days––or weeks––well soon anyway.  And, in a most ungenerous gesture, the national government is offering those whose homes have been destroyed by the storms’ havoc $ 1,000 for each adult and $ 400 per child.  And, of course, the government is anxious for the coal mines to run again soon because they need the tax money.  There will be so much to fix if the rain ever stops, and flood waters go down.

 One politician, Senator Barnaby Joyce, best explained the average flood victim’s mood, “People are thinking … we’ve got no money, no crop, we’ve really got no future.”  Yet owners of the major coal companies, along with their political supporters, certainly believe that in their own futures, even if the common folk don’t.  Resources Minister Stephen Robertson, a member of the government recently elected with the promise that it would cut coal’s domination over Australia’s economy, promised this week, “It’s going to take some months for some mines to be back to full operation.  We earn ’round about AU$100 million ($100 million) a day exporting coal to the rest of the world . . .”

 While he confidently looks forward to economic recovery for a few, displaced citizens consider the realities of survival.  The Associated Press now reports that the increased flooding in Australia threatens sewage systems, with  mayors suggesting that sewage must be emptied into the same flood waters soaking people’s homes.  Moreover, crocodiles and snakes swimming into buildings seeking the safety of dry land pose another threat.  “There’s a lot of snakes — and I mean a lot,” Rockhampton resident Shane Muirhead told Australian Broadcasting Corp. “Like, every hundred yards (meters) you will see a snake, and they’re just everywhere.”
 Lack of basic necessities will surely bring soaring inflation to Australia, while the flood’s economic devastation will be felt around the globe.  Mosquitoes now fly everywhere over that nation’s trash-strewn flood waters.  And health officials fear a rise of dengue fever after the waters subside.  But the few corporate scions say, “Why should this matter?  It will all be o.k. once we crank up the mines and keep earth’s steel, electricity and pollution going again.”

 The Book of Revelation points out that those responsible for earth’s unbearable heat would rather curse God than to accept responsibility for their actions.  In earth’s final days of  unbelievable anguish, Australia’s present suffering will be seen as good times when changes could have been made to save the planet.

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