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Australia’s Floods: Man’s Neglect and Nature’s Warnings

posted by Jael Ever @ 17:12 PM
January 6, 2011

Because the flood in Australia is so massive, it gets good coverage from the mainstream media.  The fact that this nation is a first world ally of the United States also expands coverage of this great tragedy.  But few mainstream writers deal with Global Warming as the underlying cause of this catastrophic flooding.  Even fewer journalists mention what could have been done to prevent or ameliorate these floods––including that nation’s political and corporate leadership’s refusal to embrace and plan for moves away from toxic coal pollution.  Their argument was always the cost of jobs for Australian citizens.  Well those citizens have no worry now for flood waters have ruined the mines.

 Daniel Munoz of World News reports, “Flooded open-pit coal mines and washed out rail lines in Queensland state have seen global miners including Anglo American and Rio Tinto declare force majeure and reduce coal exports to a trickle.”  Sending 225 million tons of coal out to the world, Australia is the world’s biggest exporting of the type of coal used to make steel, and it is the next to largest exporter of the type of coal used to generate power.  But ships are now waiting at her ports to receive coal orders that can never be filled.  In addition, half of the nation’s wheat crop is also ruined.  And the flooding has damaged rail lines coming from the washed out area which is larger than France and Germany combined.

        The term “force majeure” essentially frees coal and shipping companies from responsibility for shipments that cannot be delivered because of an “act of God.”  But such a declaration is not accurate.  This flooding is not God or nature’s fault.  It is the fault of a few people so enamored by selfish profit that they would risk a nation’s well-being to achieve it.  Now some 200,000 people have been forced from their homes, and upon returning will probably find that they have little left.  At last count, at least nine people have drowned in the flood waters, and countless domestic and wild animals have died as well.  Even before being evacuated, citizens faced food shortages, power outages, etc.  Other horrors of these flood waters which are still rising will be covered in tomorrow’s blog.

 Several headlines insist that Australia’s flooding reaches Biblical proportions.  As wholesale Christian books point out, the flooding in Noah’s day covered the earth.  Likewise, Australia’s flooding will affect the world.  There will be less coal and wheat to distribute, poor nations will go without, and first world nations will suffer, continuing to ignore Global Warming.  In a few short years, Australia has endured immense fires, earth quakes, hard droughts, coral reef corruption, snow in summer, etc.  And only recently have citizens demanded that something be done about the nation’s dependence on coal.  One wonders what the United States must go through before its citizens demand that leadership respond to Global Warming.  Although Noah preached warnings 120 years, people refused to listen.  But this time, there will not be 120 years left to resist change!

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