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Bedbugs Have Crawled From New York to California

posted by Jael Ever @ 11:24 AM
December 7, 2010

Hot News Flash!  Turn on the Presses!  Call out the internet Newspaper Boys!  Headline: Bedbugs Now Invading California.  Yes, they have made it all the way across the country, from New York to the Midwest and South––by plane, train or automobile––and they have landed by droves onto California’s shores.  Yes, they have even set up camp in swanky Hollywood and multi-millionaire Beverly Hills.
 Martha Groves, reports in the Los Angeles Times December 4th edition that Los Angeles county officials say that they are getting some 55 cases of bedbug infections reported a month, and that with Christmas gift giving, and holiday travel, they expect the problem to explode next year.

 L.A. County Public Health Director, Jonathan E. Fielding told Groves that these pests are “very good hitchhikers” that can be transported on luggage, clothing, beds, furniture and other items.  He added that they hide out in draperies, pillows, stereos and television sets, and can go undetected because adults can go without food for even a year.  Another California official added that––in addition to the importing of foreign goods, and excess numbers of Americans traveling overseas––massive surges of immigrants into the United States, whether legal or illegal, could be responsible for this seemingly unstoppable bug attack.

 And of course, there have been no solutions reported from the Environmental Protection Agency’s umteenth Bedbug Conference held earlier this year.  Reports simply say that attendance was overflowing with even standing room attendees crowding people out.  As for reported solutions, or new scientific findings––no news of any kind.

 Each time this blog publishes reports about bedbug attacks, it is to remind readers that insect attacks are distinct signs of God’s judgment.  Thus, as this nation sees increasing invasions from destructive insects, such as bedbugs, stink bugs, locusts, head lice, etc., obvious Bible Scriptures come to mind.  Online Bible lessons explain that, when discussing Israel’s deliverance from slavery in Egypt, these various types of insects are usually included in the term “flies” in Bible translations.  Two verses in Psalms are examples:  “He sent divers sorts of FLIES among them, which devoured them; . . . .” (78: 45) And “He spake, and there came divers sorts of FLIES, [and] lice in all their coasts.” (105: 31).  The term “divers sorts” means various kinds.  Thus, bedbugs are easily included in the barrage of insects that attacked Egypt.   The point is that “divers sorts” of flies now attack the United States and one should pray for answers as to “why!”

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Like Australia, U.S. Dependent on Coal For Power, Part 2

posted by Jael Ever @ 12:26 PM
December 3, 2010

Most Americans know next to nothing about the disasters that coal burning ash and sludge have caused in this country.  Apparently, coordination between the coal industry, the government and mass media, has successfully muted the dangerous effects that coal ash and sludge have on environments at the dump sites, and on people who live near them.  Thus, American citizens are far behind Australians in knowledge about coal as an unsafe, unclean energy source. 

 For instance in December, 2008, a vast coal ash spill flooded homes in the small town of Kingston (near Knoxville) Tennessee.  The Epoch Times reports that one billion gallons of coal ash sludge came barreling down on Kingston “crushing homes, poisoning rivers, and contaminating residential drinking waters sources.”  The United Mountain Defense Fund and the Earth Justice Web site report that the spill covered 300 acres and was 20 feet deep in places.  The sludge flood came from ash stored from the Tennessee Valley Authority’s Kingston Fossil Plant.  One year later, the Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility (PEER) reports that the Kingston site is an economically and environmentally dead wasteland.
 Yet the American Coal Ash Association (ACAA), even coupled with the government’s Environmental Protection Agency, formed a group called the Coal Combustion Products Partnership, which continues to tout the success of recycling coal ash into marketed products such as concrete, carpet and wall board.  And ACAA continues to resist labeling coal ash as hazardous.  In fact, Jeff Ruch, Executive Director of PEER, says that nowadays coal ash is actually more poisonous than ever, because air pollution controls are pushing toxic elements down deeper into coal’s wasted residue.

 At some point Australia’s citizens, and most recently its political leaders, have decided that human life and the nation’s survival trump the usual lost jobs and economic failure argument that corporations use to avoid environmental controls.  And now, that country has leaders in office who are at least trying to curb coal’s polluting health hazards.  The simple matter is that industrialized nations, starting with the United States, must develop safer and cleaner sources of energy.  Workers can be retrained for work in safer environments, and people can live near energy plants without fear of the air they breath and the water they drink. 

 Of course, such changes will not take place without a moral struggle.  As wholesale Christian Bibles point out in 1 Timothy 6: 10, devotion to money without regard to human life cannot be the ruling mantra of an enduring nation.  And as Romans 12: 11 states, true business success includes pure service to God and man.  Hopefully Americans will follow the example Australians have set, and start moving to curb the power of the coal industry’s unclean product and its dangerous residue.

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Like Australia, U.S. Dependent on Coal For Power

posted by Jael Ever @ 18:07 PM
December 2, 2010

Part of the background struggle in Australia leading to the Prime Minister’s decision to levy financial charges against corporate air polluters are alert citizens urging their government to cut ties of dependency with the coal industry.  While the overwhelming majority of that country’s energy comes from coal, in truth, the United States is almost as dependent on coal for its energy, but the same urgency of citizen involvement is not operating here.

 The Union of Concerned Scientists points out that coal generates 54% of all electricity used in the United States.  Some 600 coal plants are scattered throughout the U.S., and each one burns about 1.4 million tons of coal each year.    Thus, in their report “Coal vs. Wind,” The Union reports: “Burning coal causes smog, soot, acid rain, global warming, and toxic air emissions.”  Moreover, they say that the waste generated from coal burning to generate power creates even more problems.  “Ash, sludge, toxic chemicals, and waste heat create more environmental problems.”    Not only does coal pollute the land, air and water, coal plants  use “billions of cooling water” to keep their plants running.

 With all of that pollution clouding the environment of this country, one must wonder why there isn’t the same citizen involvement here as in Australia.  The reason is, as J. Henry Fair, in this article “Coal Ash:  The Hidden Menace,” points out, “powerful interests are profiting from your ignorance of the facts and investing heavily in the continued lack of attention.”  In short, the issue is the failure of the media and government to show that the coal industry causes “numerous cases of populations being poisoned, with birth defects and cancers.” 
 Yet, the Environmental Protection Agency and other government officials continue to allow coal ash and air pollution to be designated as non-toxic.  Just as nuclear power plant operators have the problem of disposing of spent fuel, coal companies must discard coal ash somewhere.  Fair points out that since putting it in land fills and pits poisons ground water, the government has given the industry permission to use coal ash in “sheetrock, paint, carpet, ceiling tiles, concrete, landscape fill, fertilizer, etc.”

 However, unless American citizens get more involved in what is really a major health issue, unless the media and the government start telling the truth about the true dangers of this “non-toxic” pollution, the United States, like Australia, will experience more continuing land erosions, air pollution, and water insufficiencies and impurities from dependency on coal.   Bible prophecies continually point out that “where there is no vision, the people perish” (Proverbs 29: 18).  But people must not hide from the vision, and government, industry and media must show them the true vision.  For without vision, the people perish!

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