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The Slow Death of Fresh Water, Part 2

posted by Jael Ever @ 20:43 PM
December 26, 2010

Like the United States, other nations around the world now struggle with swift declines of fresh water resources.  Not only smaller, Third World countries, but larger nations, attempting to quickly achieve mass-industrialization, struggle with insufficient supplies of fresh water.   And, again the reasons are:  industrialized agriculture; wasteful overuse of water supplies; and Global Warming.  But not nearly enough research has been designed for this crucial problem.  As pointed out in the last blog at this site, governments are not publicly concerned.  And the issue receives little attention in mass media, in spite of the fact that the world’s populations depend upon food and fresh water to sustain life, and the production of food also depends upon fresh water.
 Most of this excessive demand for fresh underground water has exploded around the world in the last 50 years.  A research team, headed by Marc Bierkens of Utrecht University and the International Groundwater Resources Assessment Center in the Netherlands, published a report in the Geophysical Research Letters that “northeastern China, northwestern India, Iran, northeastern Pakistan, southeastern Spain . . .” have severe depletions of aquifer ground water.  They also report that “the vast majority of the pumped groundwater is ending up in the ocean, where it is a major contributor to the world’s rising sea levels.” 

 The Global Warming and Groundwater Depletion blog adds the countries of Algeria, Egypt, Pakistan, Iran and Mexico to the list.  This study also insists that Global Warming is just as responsible as industrial agriculture for the drying up of ground water. Their logic is that ground water depletion leads to loss of vegetation, and loss of vegetation increases Global Warming and increasing Global Warming steals water from earth that would usually replenish ground water.  Certainly, experts believe that the growing disappearance of lakes and water ways in China, Russia, India, etc., is attributed to Global Warming.

 One report pointed out that lack of fresh water supplies will eventually lead to social unrest, which is simply a polite way of saying that lack of sufficient water and food will inevitably lead to war.  It is impossible to avoid such wars for human survival, as the world’s population massively increases (now up to over six billion), and the world’s supply of fresh water, and thus food, massively decreases.   Discussions of the end-times in wholesale Christian books includes the Horses of the Apocalypse, and the murderous fallen angels riding the horses of war, famine, disease and death.  And the decline of fresh water on earth invites all of these prophetically destructive horses, with their riders of evil, to trample on the scene of earth’s decline sooner, rather than later!

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