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The Slow Death of Fresh Water

posted by Jael Ever @ 21:46 PM
December 21, 2010

Fresh Water––the most precious resource for earthly survival––is running out!  Why is this not on front-page headlines?  What are governments doing about it?  What actions are being taken?  Why is the public not informed?  Only a few internet writers are asking these questions, but no one in authority is answering.

 This is undoubtedly the greatest untold story being withheld from earth’s populations today:  vital underground water resources are quickly disappearing in the United States and around the world.  And Global Warming, industrialized agriculture and wasteful, negligent water usages are the suspected causes.  Over 95% of all the fresh water on earth is stored underground in rock formations called aquifers.  At the rate that the human population is consuming water, it will take 6,000 years to restore earth’s water supply.  Moreover, much of the underground water that is left is contaminated by human neglect and waste.
 This problem is particularly acute in the midwestern part of the United States where the Ogallala Aquifer provides water to eight states: Texas, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Kansas, Colorado, Wyoming, Nebraska and South Dakota––a region known as the breadbasket, not only for this country, but for the world.  The Ogallala is 174,000 square miles long and includes some 980 trillion gallons of fresh water.  Scientific America reports that 90% of the water pumped out of the Ogallala Aquifer is used to irrigate crops.   This breadbasket’s business amounts to $ 20 billions a year.  And Jane Braxton Little, reporter for Scientific American, revealed in 2009, that in some places the Ogallala Aquifer was already empty.
 The APEC Human Resources Development Working Group also insists that the dry region of those eight states prevents the easy recharging, or rewatering, of the Ogallala watering source.  And further, that “what recharge is accomplished has brought arsenic, chloroform, pesticides, and other compounds into the aquifer.”  In other words, the APEC study concludes that the present state of the Ogallala Aquifer could mean economic collapse for midwest and the nation.  APEC suggests that the government institute educational programs about “efficient irrigation practices,” as well as mobilization “to utilize recycled water sources.”  In short, this means finding new ways to use water that people have already used––because there may be no fresh water left.

 Chapters 3 and 33 in the Book of Ezekiel in wholesale Christian Bibles raises the concept of watchmen at the gate.  Political leaders, mainstream media and––in a democracy––the American public are the nation’s watchmen.  But if watchmen don’t cry out warnings, the judgment for allowing disaster falls on them.  However, if they do warn the people, and the people don’t respond, the judgment falls on those who deliberately refuse to hear.  What could be a greater disaster than the pending death of fresh water?  And where are the screaming watchmen?

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