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Israel Fires: A Wake-up Call For All Nations

posted by Jael Ever @ 21:10 PM
December 15, 2010

Israeli citizens were stunned last week at their government’s inability to deal with spreading wildfires.  Some 30 countries had to fly, or truck, in to help Israel battle the blazes.  And the nation’s citizens expressed outrage.   While some attempt to blame Hezbollah for the fires, Israeli scientists placed the blame solely on Global Warming.  Israel and other Middle East nations had been suffering under a severe above-average heat wave as high as 122 degrees.  But, like many nations, Israel is so concentrated on their military and political enemies, that some domesticated problems were neglected.  And, like politicians elsewhere, Israeli officials have not taken seriously the risks resulting from Global Warming.
 With a years-long freeze against hiring new firefighters, and apparently against acquiring sufficient fire fighting equipment, the nation was ill-prepared to fight the type of massive flames that destroyed some 10,000 acres and four million trees, killed some 40 victims, and evacuated 17,000 people from their homes.  According to the Associated Press, “Israeli firefighters have complained for years of undersized crews, outdated equipment and minimal supplies. While Israel has a highly sophisticated air force, its firefighting force of 1,400 doesn’t have a single plane. It ran out of flame retardants on the first day of the blaze.” 

 The Associated Press quoted Nahum Barnea, a well-known columnist in the Yediot Abronot Daily,  “We are entitled to expect of our governments not to be smart only after the fact but  – at least once –  to be smart before disaster strikes.” But, as early as 10 years ago, Guy Pe’er at Ben Gurion University, and other Climate Change researchers, have been warning the nation that Global Warming would do great harm to the Mediterranean region.  Further, they said that longer periods of extreme heat, late winter rainfall and less rainfall would eventually lead to forest fires.  But no one in political authority listened.  As Pe’er told columnist Robert Alder, “It’s a matter of our consumption, our society and habits,” Pe’er says. “We consume more than we need and more than Earth can sustain, and by that we bring about climate change and risk our own future.”

 His comments well-apply to other nations, particularly to the United States.  In recent years, a positive-confession wave has gone through American Christianity.  Well that movement is certainly Biblical, the Bible also includes times when God’s people were given negative warnings about pending disasters.  These would include the ministries of Noah, Isaiah, Jeremiah and others.  Even, in His earthly ministry, The Lord Jesus warned believers of the devastation that would befall the world before His return.  Of course, people did not believe Him, or the other prophets in their day.  But, as believers shop for gifts, such as wholesale Christian purses, this holiday, hopefully they will listen to the prophets, scholars, scientists and others shouting warnings about Global Warming now.

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