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Aunt Bea Tries To Go Shopping

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December 14, 2010

John: “Hi Bea.  This is John.  How you doin’?”

Aunt Bea: “Hi John.  I’m fine!  How are you?”

John:  “I’m doing ok.  Are you ready for Christmas?  All your shoppin’ done?”

Aunt Bea:  “My goodness no.  Them malls are too crowded and I just don’t feel  like pushin’ through all those people to try to find stuff.  Besides its just too much walking.”

John:  “Yeah I know what ya’ mean.  What kind of things you lookin’ for?”

Aunt Bea: “Well, I want to get some warm fun relax clothes for my daughter and  son-in-law and grand kids.  They goes to see my grandson play soccer and they needs to be warm.  The one sports store I could push my way into into didn’t have anything to suit my daughter.  And they didn’t have a lot of different things to choose from anyway.  And stuff had been so picked over!  It’s just awful!”

John:  “Sure I knows what you mean.  And I like to get things that have some Christian message with ‘em but that is even harder to find.
Aunt Bea:  “Absolutely.  But you don’t see many things like that in the malls, or in the mail order books either.  At this point, I don’t know what I’m gonna do.  It may have to be some money in a card I guess.”

John:  No. No wait up Bea.  I found just the thing for you.  Click on wholesale Christian sweatshirts.  It is just perfect for the kids.  The shirts there have great words and pictures that witness for Jesus.  They can even use‘em for pajamas.  And for goin’ to sports and everything.  And you still have time to get it in the mail or under the tree for Christmas.”

Aunt Bea:  “Oh John that sounds perfect.  And it will be a chance to remind  everyone about God’s love.  Let me get off the phone and go to the computer right now.”

John:  “O.K. Bea.  I’ll talk to ya later.  Bye.”

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