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Misplaced Ironies at Climate Change Meeting

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December 9, 2010

Someone should have told planners of the United Nations Climate Change Conference taking place in Cancun, Mexico this week, that they should have chosen a better meeting sight.  First, rising sea waters are eroding Cancun’s lovely white sand beaches and now lap waves against its hotels.  Second, drug wars have pushed Mexico to the brink of failed statehood status.  And third, even with these extreme examples of Global Warming’s effects, Climate Change delegates seem powerless to do anything about the source of Cancun’s beach and tourist problem.

 Mark Stevenson of the Associated Press reports, “Rising sea levels and a series of unusually powerful hurricanes have aggravated the folly of building a tourist destination atop shifting sand dunes on a narrow peninsula. After the big storms hit, much of Cancun’s glittering hotel strip was left without a beach.”  He writes that hotel planners designed their projects too tall, too heavy and too close to shore.  Moreover, stripping the beaches of natural vegetation to make them more inviting for tourist, also took away nature’s protection from hurricanes for those beaches. So many Category 4 and 5 hurricanes have hit Mexico in recent decades that, according to Stevenson, “Many scientists blame such extreme weather patterns on climate change.”  Although investors and governments have tried to restore the sandy beaches with dumped-in sand,  this too is being washed away.

 This blog has not covered Mexico’s deadly gang wars.  But they do get media coverage, including underground tunnels running from Mexico to the United States bringing in tons of narcotics for distribution here.  Those wars are tearing Mexico apart, and although that government has even used its military to aide police in stopping gang war violence against each other, against innocent civilians, against mayors, police officials and other officials––they still fight a losing battle.

 This Climate Change Conference is the 16th since 1995.  But is it not ironic that with all the evidence of Global Warming, most in attendance don’t expect much progress on international cooperation to stop Global Warming?  In his blog, Meteor Blades says that political resistance in the U. S. is the problem.  Because of this, he writes “there will be a billion people who lose their homes because of climate change and 3 billion who lose access to clean drinking water supplies.”

 However, all of these ironies remain misplaced until everyday citizens turn their governments’ attention to God, Who is ultimately the only True Problem Solver.  But it is most ironic that as beaches around the world wash away, as crime, corruption, greed, violence and natural and economic destruction rises to unprecedented heights everywhere––very few people turn to God for answers.  It is truly time to turn to Christian prayer books for examples of earnest prayers of repentance, and then to intercede for families, governments and nations.

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