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Bedbugs Have Crawled From New York to California

posted by Jael Ever @ 11:24 AM
December 7, 2010

Hot News Flash!  Turn on the Presses!  Call out the internet Newspaper Boys!  Headline: Bedbugs Now Invading California.  Yes, they have made it all the way across the country, from New York to the Midwest and South––by plane, train or automobile––and they have landed by droves onto California’s shores.  Yes, they have even set up camp in swanky Hollywood and multi-millionaire Beverly Hills.
 Martha Groves, reports in the Los Angeles Times December 4th edition that Los Angeles county officials say that they are getting some 55 cases of bedbug infections reported a month, and that with Christmas gift giving, and holiday travel, they expect the problem to explode next year.

 L.A. County Public Health Director, Jonathan E. Fielding told Groves that these pests are “very good hitchhikers” that can be transported on luggage, clothing, beds, furniture and other items.  He added that they hide out in draperies, pillows, stereos and television sets, and can go undetected because adults can go without food for even a year.  Another California official added that––in addition to the importing of foreign goods, and excess numbers of Americans traveling overseas––massive surges of immigrants into the United States, whether legal or illegal, could be responsible for this seemingly unstoppable bug attack.

 And of course, there have been no solutions reported from the Environmental Protection Agency’s umteenth Bedbug Conference held earlier this year.  Reports simply say that attendance was overflowing with even standing room attendees crowding people out.  As for reported solutions, or new scientific findings––no news of any kind.

 Each time this blog publishes reports about bedbug attacks, it is to remind readers that insect attacks are distinct signs of God’s judgment.  Thus, as this nation sees increasing invasions from destructive insects, such as bedbugs, stink bugs, locusts, head lice, etc., obvious Bible Scriptures come to mind.  Online Bible lessons explain that, when discussing Israel’s deliverance from slavery in Egypt, these various types of insects are usually included in the term “flies” in Bible translations.  Two verses in Psalms are examples:  “He sent divers sorts of FLIES among them, which devoured them; . . . .” (78: 45) And “He spake, and there came divers sorts of FLIES, [and] lice in all their coasts.” (105: 31).  The term “divers sorts” means various kinds.  Thus, bedbugs are easily included in the barrage of insects that attacked Egypt.   The point is that “divers sorts” of flies now attack the United States and one should pray for answers as to “why!”

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