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Surprised By Deformed Birds? What About Disappearing Ones? Pt. 2

posted by Jael Ever @ 16:06 PM
November 18, 2010

In fact, the only groups of birds who seem to be flourishing are those living on restored or protected wetlands.  Otherwise, numbers of common birds are undergoing rapid decline.  Birdlife International says that 45 percent of common birds in Europe have disappeared.  And the National Audubon Society believes that between 40 and 80 percent of common birds once seen readily in America no longer exist.

 “These are not rare or exotic birds we’re talking about—these are the birds that visit our feeders and congregate at nearby lakes and seashores and yet they are disappearing day by day,” said Audubon Chairperson and former EPA Administrator, Carol Browner.

 The disappearing birds include:  northern bobwhites, evening grosbeaks, northern pintails, greater scaup, eastern meadowlarks, common terns, snow buntings, rufus hummingbirds, whip-poor-wills, and little blue herons.  Scientists and bird watchers in the Pacific Northwest also include on the list:  black and white sea ducks, scoters, western grebes, glaucus-winged gulls, common murres, brandt’s cormorants, etc.

 Science Daily reports that habitat loss driven by agricultural and real estate development. 
Forests destructions from Global Warming  and other environmental changes have also affected bird declines.  In her report on National Public Radio, “Disappearing Birds May Point to Bigger Problems, Deirdre Kennedy points out that birds who subsist on water vegetation in the Pacific Northwest are declining because plankton has disappeared.  Or as one scientist told her, “The bottom fell out of the ecosystem.” But the Audubon Society hopes that public pressure will move government officials to: better protect wetlands; promote sustainable forest management; stop illegal logging, mining and drilling; do more to control air pollution, and do much more to fight Global Warming.
 Of course, few believe that adequate public pressure will come to bear, or that Congress will do any of those necessary things.  So bird declines and other disasters in nature will just continue and increase.  But there will be consequences. In wholesale Christian Bibles, Jeremiah 4: 25 presents the disappearance of birds as foreboding coming judgment:  “ . . . and all the birds of the heavens were fled, . . . the fruitful place was a wilderness, and all the cities thereof were broken down.”  Nature is serving as a bell warning to human beings that such judgment is eminent.  Thus, it is time for those who are not Christians to pray for salvation, and get under the protection of Christ as Savior before these complete and final judgments begin!

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Surprised By Deformed Birds? What About Disappearing Ones?

posted by Jael Ever @ 16:06 PM
November 17, 2010

Its hard to swallow this line that scientists are surprised by the increasing numbers of deformed birds when, in fact, they have known (or should have known) about the larger percentage of birds disappearing altogether in the last decade.  Whether from loss of habitat in city and countryside, poisonous pesticides, polluted air, radio waves coming from cell telephones or some type of disease, birds are just not singing in trees, migrating south, or bringing bird watchers joy nearly as much as they once did. 
 Scientists at the National Audubon Society estimate that millions of birds generally seen in North America no longer exist, and that some species have declined by as much as 80 percent.  But apparently the scientists studying bird deformities have not consulted the scientists studying the disappearing of birds.
 Dr. Joseph Mercola, an osteopathic physician, who runs a health care clinic and publishes blogs on proper health care, is especially concerned about the hazards of cell phones, not just to birds, but to people as well.   He writes that in 2007 there were four billion cell phones in use on earth––all carrying radio waves injurious to birds.   Further, he insists, “It’s already known that birds living near mobile phone base stations do not breed well. It’s also known that exposure to these frequencies causes disorientation in migratory birds.”  Dr. Mercola also writes that if the truth were out, cell phones are more dangerous to people than cigarettes.  But he doubts that this truth will come out because of the far reaching political power of the telecommunications industry.  He warns that people should avoid using cell phones, and especially protect children from doing so.

 Not only is something horribly wrong in earth’s ecosystems that causes the death and deformation of birds.  Something is also horribly wrong in the scientific community when separate and isolated research, disjointed communication, and political reticence prevents scientists and government funders from doing the  joint in-depth research necessary to find solutions for these bird maladies.   But if Dr. Mercola is right, the results may be that people would be asked to give up billions of cell phones around the world.  And most cell phone users would probably think that this suggestion is for the birds.

 The Bible speaks often about wisdom, pointing out that when man’s knowledge is inadequate, believers should seek God’s wisdom (1 Corinthians 2: 5).  Undoubtedly with a world gone mad with destructive cell phones, global warming, man’s betrayal of the animal kingdom, swiftly rising sea levels, and other man-made disorders, Christians should consider which body of wisdom and knowledge on which to rely––man’s ideas or God’s Word.  Certainly, these issues need thought while sharing gifts of Christian clothing wholesale during this Christmas season.

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The Mystery of Bird Deformities and Other Negligence

posted by Jael Ever @ 15:33 PM
November 16, 2010

Scientists in several parts of the country are mystified by the strange outbreak of bird deformities, such as twisted or elongated beaks, and mis-shapened wings.  Because of the extremely high rate of bird abnormalities in this decade, scientists fear that bird species are under attack by some sort of epidemic, which they refer to as “epizootic.”  While the outbreak of strange beak formations, particularly acute in Alaska and the Pacific Northwest, has gotten the greatest media attention, biologists elsewhere have also been concerned about crippling wing, as well as skin and feather, abnormalities.  These deformities make it difficult for affected birds to eat, clean feathers, reproduce, or care for their young.

 The U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) issued a dire Press Release this week about what scientists label, “Avian Keratin Disorder.” USGS biologist Colleen Handel, warns “The prevalence of these strange deformities is more than ten times what is normally expected in a wild bird population. . . . We are particularly concerned because we have not yet been able to determine the cause, despite testing for the most likely culprits.”  Further, the Press Release issues alarms that this disorder is spreading, and that it may well be a forewarning of “underlying environmental health problems.”  Dr. Handel states in a paper for The Auk Journal, “The sudden appearance of a large cluster of animals with gross abnormalities may signal a significant change in an ecosystem.”  Changes so drastic in ecosystems as to massively affect the only animals living in the upper air will surely affect animals and humans living closer to solid ground.
 The scientific world is more aware of Global Warming than others.  Thus, it is surprising that these avian abnormalities have caught scientists off guard.  While most suspect that polluted environments have caused these bird diseases, others call for research into heavy metals, toxins, defective bird foods, bacteria, viruses or fungi for reasons.  But at the rate this avian disorder is spreading, birds may not have time for science to find the answers, much less the solutions.

 These bird deformities are just one more message from the world of nature that something is horribly wrong in the earth.  The problem is that people, especially those in authority, are not taking these warnings seriously.   Several Bible passages indicate that what happens in the animal kingdom serves as metaphors for the future of human beings.  For example, Ecclesiastes 9: 12 says, “ . . . as the birds that are caught in the snare; so are the sons of men snared in an evil time, when it falleth suddenly upon them.”  And rather than ignoring messages from birds, Deuteronomy 22: 6 indicates that people should be protective of birds! As believers change to warmer Christian clothing wholesale this winter, it is past time to call on God in prayer, asking that these evil times in the animal kingdom do not come to roost, falling suddenly on people nesting comfortably in the nation.

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Changes Coming From Decreasing Water Supplies

posted by Jael Ever @ 12:57 PM
November 15, 2010

Without media-wide reports on decreasing water levels across the country, Americans have no real sense about how the changing status of water availability affects their lives.  Several areas of the country are reporting citizen unrest about rising water costs of up to 30 percent in one year.  They hold city and county managers accountable for poor decisions about water management, for drastic impositions of water use restrictions and for ever increasing water rates.  Undoubtedly, slowly dwindling water supplies are bringing changes in residential and industrial water usages, and to the expected American way of life.

 While the wording from the online Water Encyclopedia is rather opaque, the point is that the price of water is going up:  “Nonresidential (large-volume) water use and outdoor residential water use (such as summer lawn watering) are generally more price responsive than indoor water use.  Demand management techniques include conservation-oriented pricing, water-fixture plumbing standards and retrofitting, water-efficient landscaping, changes in water-use practices, and public education.”  And if people refuse to change, the Encyclopedia says that the following applies:  “High water and energy prices can induce customers to invest in water-efficient fixtures and appliances as well as to change water-use behavior.”

 Other changes are coming in areas where citizens and officials cannot agree on increased costs for domestic water.  For instance, it will be more difficult for new pool construction, and residential pools will be required  to recirculate and reuse pool water.  As droughts increase, especially in western and southern states, local governments will forbid such things as:  hosing down sidewalks, parking areas, patios, etc.; washing cars and other vehicles; watering lawns and other usages deemed to be unnecessary.

 Moreover, neither government nor media admit the high volumes of water used in industrial production, such as coal, dam construction, agriculture and food production.  In addition to the raw material, fresh water supports industries as solvent, cooling, energy and transportation for example.  Thus––unless action is taken against Global Warming which is largely responsible for declining water supplies, and for greater water conservation––declining water supplies will affect industrial output, unemployment, and the nation’s overall economic health.

 Water shortage is serious and it calls for repentant prayer.  When He waits for a nation to repent, God’s judgment comes slowly, but in increasing incremental cycles (Leviticus 26).  Many testimonies, in used Christian books, show how earnest prayer blesses a nation.   As Job 5: 10 says, it is God “Who gives rain upon the earth, and sends water upon the fields . . .”  We should ask Him for forgiveness of water wasted, and for renewal of those showers of blessings.

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Getting into the Christian Way of Life

posted by Shopping4Bargains @ 14:06 PM
November 12, 2010

Jesus-Loves-Me-kids-tshirtI was raised as a Catholic, went through many of the sacraments and did not feel the closeness with God and Jesus until I had children and found a Christian church. You can say that my children and I discovered God and Jesus together. The kids have always gone to the Sunday classes and participated in the outings with the church class. They like the bonding that goes on with the group and the feeling of acceptance.

Recently I found some great Christian childrens t-shirts on a website and decided that this would make a good Christmas gift for them. Of course I have to buy toys and games also but I think that these Christian childrens t-shirts are so cute that they will like them also. This year I am going to shop early to avoid the crowds.

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Bea Calls Jude For Help with Water

posted by Aunt Bea @ 13:57 PM
November 12, 2010

“Hi Jude, this is Bea.  How you doin’ today?”

 “I’m doin’ fine girl.  How’s ya doin’ is da question’?  Ain’t heard from you in days.  What’s up?”

 “Well I just read your letter to Jael’s people and I wanted to know if you could help me with water savings too!”
 “Hmmmmmmm.  I don’t know Bea.  I thought your son-in-law and his friends was helping you?”

 “Well, course they did help me with a lots of things.  But from what you say in your letter, you seem to know much more about water savings than those boys.”

 “But what did you do already Bea?  I only have so much time to work on these things?”

 “O.K. O.K. I knows you’re busy Brother.  I just thought you could help a Christian sister.  Well, let’s see.  I traded in my old washing machine for a water-saver washer, and I even got a $ 100 rebate from the county.  I checked on their programs and got the machines they approved.  And that’s what I bought.   Then I called them up to see what help they could give on a new low-flow toilet, and they came out and replaced the toilet for me.  Wasn’t that a good thing to do Jude?”

 “Absolutely!  And you saved money too! Good for you Bea.  You did right!”

 “Hmmmmm.  Let’s see.  Yes, yes,  I bought two new rain barrels and had the boys set them up under the downspouts.  Now I use the saved rainwater to water the vegetable garden, to wash the car, and to water all my plants inside the house.  And I only water the lawn early in the morning so the water don’t vaporate. Course I don’t wash dishes or cook with that water, but it is sure handy for lots of chores.  And I’ve really seen a difference in the water bill.”

 “O.K. Sounds good.  So it don’t seem you need any help from me Bea.”

 “Well I wanted you to please put in one of those special shower heads . . . and uh . . . could you please reseed  my grass with that special kind o’ grass you wrote about, and put in some of those rocks and stones for me?”

 “Oh, Bea I don’t know.  That’s a lot of work.  And them things costs runs up.
I just did a garden for Ethel up the street and it took a lot of time.”

 “Ethel?  who’s Ethel?”

 “She’s just a widow woman lives up the street.  Well Bea I’s got to go.  I’ll call you back soon.  Thanks.”

 “Jude, Jude wait.  Remember what it says in Christian prayer books. We’s all suppose to help, love and support one another first!  Is this here Ethel a Christian?  Jude . . Jude . . . are you there?”

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To Jael’s Editor on Saving Water

posted by Mr. Jude @ 13:59 PM
November 10, 2010

This Letter to Jael’s Editor is to let y’all know what I do to save water.  Other people should do things like this too.  But it’s up to them.  I save water to save money cause I believe in the ole saying, “A penny saved, is a penny earned,” or I think that’s how it goes anyway.

 Well, first of all, I put one of those low-flow toilets in my bathroom, and them there new fangled high performance shower heads that control the water flow, but still give out plenty of water to clean up by.  And I added what the hardware store calls aerators to the faucets in the kitchen and bathroom so I still get good water flow, but less pressure on them pipes.  Oh, and speaking of toilets, I flush only to hold down the smell.  Why, I remember in the olden days when we used slop buckets and poured everything over the garden.

 I tries to tell Bea and that scallawag John to stop wasting so much money on ignorant stuff, say like bottled water.  We’s got good clean water here in this county and if they don’t think so, they can put a purifier on the kitchen faucet.  That’s what’s wrong with this nation any way.  How they gonna make us have to buy water in bottles, when if there is one thing on this earth that’s free––its water.

 And I always check all the pipes to make sure they are tight-fittin’ and nothin’ is leaking.  And if’n I can’t seal a leak myself, I call in that blasted plumber and watch him like a hawk so that’s no overpaying him one dime.

 And, oh, I re-did the lawn several years ago.  I put in more stones, rocks and other stuff from the garden catalog, stuff that don’t need so much waterin’ to look nice and I took out that kinda grass that needs waterin’ all the time and replanted the lawn with bermuda grass.  It only needs waterin’ once a month or so.  Oh yea and I got some of them hole-lunching sandals and walked around the lawn, putting in six inch holes everywhere so that when I do water it would go down to them roots so they stay full of water longer.

 Listen, the big point is, I’m not paying the county as much for water bills, and I’m still helping Jael save water for the nation.  Besides, I done already read the water meter by the time the utility company man comes.  And I keeps a written record of them meter numbers so I won’t be overcharged.
  Huh, I bet that’s more than John is doing anyway.

 All this talk bout low water supply is nothin’ but a sign that people have over-wasted the good stuff on this earth.  So it’s soon time for us to go.  Just like my namesake Jude or one o’ them ‘postles say in them wholesale Christian Bibles, we should always be looking for Jesus, The Author and Finisher of Our Faith!

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Shopping online for the Holidays

posted by Shopping4Bargains @ 15:11 PM
November 9, 2010

I have just started shopping online for Christmas and found the perfect gift for my husbands family.  My sister in law is size 3X and I found some great t-shirts that I can purchase online and have delivered to me by Christmas. I struggle every year to find a good gift for her and I don’t like to give just anything.

She is a good Christian woman and I found wholesale Christian t-shirts in her size. They are sold to the public at wholesale prices and that makes this gift a win win situation. They also have regular sizes so I can get one for each member of the family including the children!

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Signs of Beasts Among Us

posted by Jael Ever @ 15:00 PM
November 9, 2010

This blog often discusses wild animals freely roaming in some parts of the nation.  (Please see index of prior blogs on:  tigers, wild boars, chimpanzees, alligators, and large ferocious pythons, especially in Florida and Texas, and moving upwards to other states; packs of wolves in suburban areas of California and points west; bears seeking food, often attacking in northeastern suburbs and in national parks; growing populations of raccoons living in abandoned houses, or taking control of city streets; coyotes moving into suburbs and cities, seeking food and attacking children and pets; packs of feral dogs attacking throughout urban areas; wild animal breeding farms in rural areas for selling to overseas markets; and loosely guarded, slightly regulated private zoos in several states; etc.)

 Much of  the increasing wild animal attacks are precipitated by real estate development, people encroaching on land these animals considered to be their domain.  These developments cut down forests, thus eliminating food sources for many of these beasts.  As people have felt it is their right to move into animal territories, animals have reciprocated by moving into human territories.  What’s more, these interactions also mean that many wild animals have lost their natural fear of man.  Thus, many people, who sought the American dream by buying houses in suburbs on edges of wildernesses, are now trapped in places where they cannot go out at night or allow their children to play freely during the day.

 Too often issues of uncontrolled wild animals are left to local authorities who have limited power to regulate laws against them.  And without outraged citizens spurred on by publicized animal attacks, local officials may have little incentive to act.  Protecting people from while animals is left up to animal control divisions, which are wholly dependent on local taxes.  But, what happens when that tax base is weakened by personnel cut-backs, when no one comes to pull out an alligator that has broken through a kitchen screen door (as seen on Florida television recently), or to kill a tiger escaped from a rural breeding farm and killing a woman on a dirt road (again publicized recently)?

 The Bible speaks of generally of four types of beasts:  natural animals (some supporting people and some that don’t); spiritual beasts––some living in heaven, serving God––and others coming out of hell to serve Satan; people who have become beasts by giving themselves over to unbridled animalism; and beasts as symbols of nations and kingdoms. But Good News: The Lord Jesus Christ is simultaneously titled The Lion of the Tribe of Judah in the Book of Revelation (5: 5), and The Lamb of God Who taketh away the sins of the world in the Gospel of John (1: 29).   Nationally, citizens must decide what to do about beasts among us.  Individually, people must decide what to do about their relationship with The Lamb of God.  More on types and consequences of beasts in future blogs.

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Multiple Meaning on the Decline of U.S. Water

posted by Jael Ever @ 18:29 PM
November 8, 2010

One of the issues that has eluded most of the national media is an urgent loss of water in major areas around the United States.  While people around the world can catch diseases from unsafe water, the U. S. has the best water in the world.  But this celebrated water is quickly running out, because the nation uses more water than others in the world.  CBS News reported recently that:  “Americans are the world’s biggest water consumers.” The average consumer in this country uses more than 150 gallons of water a day with bathroom duties, eating and drinking, laundry, lawn care, etc.  In comparison, in England the average is 40 gallons a day, in China its 22 gallons a day and in poorer countries, it is even less.

 However, in the last few years, America’s water has been running out.  CBS reports that some 36 states in The Union will soon face water shortages.    But some cities and states are already at the critical water level.  Several sources have listed ten U.S. cities with declining and threatened water supplies.  These include:  Orlando, Florida; Atlanta, Georgia; Tucson, Arizona; Las Vegas, Nevada; Fort Worth, Texas; San Francisco Bay (Area), California; San Antonio, Texas; Phoenix, Arizona; Houston, Texas; and Los Angeles, California.  Leaders of these cities have known for some time about their shrinking water supplies.

 A lot of the problem is simply population growth overwhelming traditional sources of fresh water.  But global warming, drought, excessive water management and other factors have also contributed to these water losses.  In the southeast, states battle over larger shares of Lake Lanier and the Chattahooche and Apalachiocola Rivers, which have been controlled by the Army Corps of Engineers for the last 60 years.  As states in the west depend on melting mountain snow, large lakes feeding California, Nevada, Arizona, etc. have been extremely low.  In the mid-west, all the states that depend on the Great Lakes for water have banned together to prevent other states from sharing their water.  Similar situations exist across the nation.  And most states are concentrating on ways to save water.

 In the, Bible water serves as a symbol of The Holy Spirit (John 7: 37 – 39, 1 John 5: 8).  The Holy Spirit’s two major ministries on earth are either to give blessing or to render judgment.  Thus, the withdrawal of blessings from an area can be deemed as an act of judgment:  “So two [or] three cities wandered unto one city, to drink water; but they were not satisfied: yet have ye not returned unto Me, saith The LORD” (Amos 4: 8).  And the abundance of soft, drinking and irrigation water is seen as a blessing:  “I will open rivers in high places, and fountains in the midst of the valleys: I will make the wilderness a pool of water, and the dry land springs of water” (Isaiah 41: 18).  Believers wearing wholesale Christian sweat shirts this winter, hopefully will pray earnestly for true spiritual revival, asking God to send an abundance of spiritual and earthly rain on all parts of the nation.

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