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What Do We Have To Be Grateful For?

posted by Jael Ever @ 18:17 PM
November 24, 2010

Today the Editors of Blog have asked all the gang to say something about Thanksgiving Day Blessings:

 One of the Newspaper Boys said:  “I’m grateful to have a job so that I can help my family.  So many of my friends don’t do much work.  And they don’t think its cool that I hawk newspapers on the internet street.  But I’m thankful for every customer who reads the great news I sell.  And its better to work than to sit around on your behind all day doing nothing!  That’s what I say.”

 Aunt Bea says:  “I thank God for my family, that we’re all alive and well.  And that I have lived to see my grandchildren growing up.  And I thank Him for my friends John and Jude and others.  And I’m so grateful for my warm, wonderful house.”

 John says:  “I thank God for the blessing of good health.  At my age that’s a wonder.  Of course, I’m thankful to have family and friends.  So many don’t have that today.  That’s why I go to the Mission House and help to feed the poor every Thanksgiving. Hope I see you there!”

 Jude says:  “I’m thankful that my country has made it almost 400 years since the Pilgrims first landed.  It’s been the blessings of God that we’ve been through fire and flood but we’re still kicking, and we’re still the greatest country on earth!  Amen to that!”

Jael says: “We know it is rough out there for so many Americans who may have lost job or home or loved one. But please on Thanksgiving Day, look up and give thanks, and believe in faith that things are going to get better especially if we keep praying in faith. Remember what the Apostle Paul says: ‘Continue in prayer, and watch in the same with Thanksgiving (Colossians 4: 2).’ God Is Still on the Throne and He still answers prayer. And remember to read good Thanksgiving verses from wholesale Christian Bibles with your prayers today.”

 And the whole crew at says:  “HAPPY THANKSGIVING EVERYBODY!!!”

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