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Surprised By Deformed Birds? What About Disappearing Ones? Pt. 2

posted by Jael Ever @ 16:06 PM
November 18, 2010

In fact, the only groups of birds who seem to be flourishing are those living on restored or protected wetlands.  Otherwise, numbers of common birds are undergoing rapid decline.  Birdlife International says that 45 percent of common birds in Europe have disappeared.  And the National Audubon Society believes that between 40 and 80 percent of common birds once seen readily in America no longer exist.

 “These are not rare or exotic birds we’re talking about—these are the birds that visit our feeders and congregate at nearby lakes and seashores and yet they are disappearing day by day,” said Audubon Chairperson and former EPA Administrator, Carol Browner.

 The disappearing birds include:  northern bobwhites, evening grosbeaks, northern pintails, greater scaup, eastern meadowlarks, common terns, snow buntings, rufus hummingbirds, whip-poor-wills, and little blue herons.  Scientists and bird watchers in the Pacific Northwest also include on the list:  black and white sea ducks, scoters, western grebes, glaucus-winged gulls, common murres, brandt’s cormorants, etc.

 Science Daily reports that habitat loss driven by agricultural and real estate development. 
Forests destructions from Global Warming  and other environmental changes have also affected bird declines.  In her report on National Public Radio, “Disappearing Birds May Point to Bigger Problems, Deirdre Kennedy points out that birds who subsist on water vegetation in the Pacific Northwest are declining because plankton has disappeared.  Or as one scientist told her, “The bottom fell out of the ecosystem.” But the Audubon Society hopes that public pressure will move government officials to: better protect wetlands; promote sustainable forest management; stop illegal logging, mining and drilling; do more to control air pollution, and do much more to fight Global Warming.
 Of course, few believe that adequate public pressure will come to bear, or that Congress will do any of those necessary things.  So bird declines and other disasters in nature will just continue and increase.  But there will be consequences. In wholesale Christian Bibles, Jeremiah 4: 25 presents the disappearance of birds as foreboding coming judgment:  “ . . . and all the birds of the heavens were fled, . . . the fruitful place was a wilderness, and all the cities thereof were broken down.”  Nature is serving as a bell warning to human beings that such judgment is eminent.  Thus, it is time for those who are not Christians to pray for salvation, and get under the protection of Christ as Savior before these complete and final judgments begin!

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