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Multiple Meaning on the Decline of U.S. Water

posted by Jael Ever @ 18:29 PM
November 8, 2010

One of the issues that has eluded most of the national media is an urgent loss of water in major areas around the United States.  While people around the world can catch diseases from unsafe water, the U. S. has the best water in the world.  But this celebrated water is quickly running out, because the nation uses more water than others in the world.  CBS News reported recently that:  “Americans are the world’s biggest water consumers.” The average consumer in this country uses more than 150 gallons of water a day with bathroom duties, eating and drinking, laundry, lawn care, etc.  In comparison, in England the average is 40 gallons a day, in China its 22 gallons a day and in poorer countries, it is even less.

 However, in the last few years, America’s water has been running out.  CBS reports that some 36 states in The Union will soon face water shortages.    But some cities and states are already at the critical water level.  Several sources have listed ten U.S. cities with declining and threatened water supplies.  These include:  Orlando, Florida; Atlanta, Georgia; Tucson, Arizona; Las Vegas, Nevada; Fort Worth, Texas; San Francisco Bay (Area), California; San Antonio, Texas; Phoenix, Arizona; Houston, Texas; and Los Angeles, California.  Leaders of these cities have known for some time about their shrinking water supplies.

 A lot of the problem is simply population growth overwhelming traditional sources of fresh water.  But global warming, drought, excessive water management and other factors have also contributed to these water losses.  In the southeast, states battle over larger shares of Lake Lanier and the Chattahooche and Apalachiocola Rivers, which have been controlled by the Army Corps of Engineers for the last 60 years.  As states in the west depend on melting mountain snow, large lakes feeding California, Nevada, Arizona, etc. have been extremely low.  In the mid-west, all the states that depend on the Great Lakes for water have banned together to prevent other states from sharing their water.  Similar situations exist across the nation.  And most states are concentrating on ways to save water.

 In the, Bible water serves as a symbol of The Holy Spirit (John 7: 37 – 39, 1 John 5: 8).  The Holy Spirit’s two major ministries on earth are either to give blessing or to render judgment.  Thus, the withdrawal of blessings from an area can be deemed as an act of judgment:  “So two [or] three cities wandered unto one city, to drink water; but they were not satisfied: yet have ye not returned unto Me, saith The LORD” (Amos 4: 8).  And the abundance of soft, drinking and irrigation water is seen as a blessing:  “I will open rivers in high places, and fountains in the midst of the valleys: I will make the wilderness a pool of water, and the dry land springs of water” (Isaiah 41: 18).  Believers wearing wholesale Christian sweat shirts this winter, hopefully will pray earnestly for true spiritual revival, asking God to send an abundance of spiritual and earthly rain on all parts of the nation.

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