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Update on Bed Bug Invasions

posted by Jael Ever @ 18:41 PM
October 27, 2010

Well, even the major press is now reporting on the country’s bed bug invasion.  And what draws their attention?  Not that these pests now appear in most states of the union, where they radically resist extermination.  Not that scientific research has not produced effective pesticides to war against them.  Not that most cities and states are loathe to advertise their existence, or to finance research investigating the bugs’ rise.  Not that the scientific community is not agreed that these bugs do not spread disease.  But the fact that the bed bug invasion scare is now hurting the tourist and shopping industries of New York City––during its most lucrative time for business, the Christmas and New Year’s Holidays!
 In fact, major media’s slight handling of the matter could well be based on the locations and affiliations of those reporting the news about bugs attacking NYC––even in the Waldorf Astoria and Wall Street Journal offices.  News media in Miami, Toronto, Chicago and several other cities in Europe and Asia have carried the story.  And one must wonder if a motive could be to have potential tourists shunning New York come to their town for the holidays instead.  Moreover, several stories about these bugs have strangely disappeared from the internet, as if political or other officials do not want it publicly known that the bugs have come to town.  For instance, camps have been shut down in northeastern states because children have returned home complaining of bed bug bites.  Other cities don’t report that the bugs have even moved into rich suburban communities across the country.

 Only an energetic blog reporter on, who says that the information comes from an entomologist, has gotten to one of the best explanations available about this bug uprising:  the bugs come with foreign imports of items now sold in America’s stores.  This bug expert says that this is why so many stores in New York, New Jersey and elsewhere have had to shut down until the bugs could be controlled––because everything they sell, like towels, sheets, clothes, etc.––are not made in the United States, but come instead from places like China, Indonesia, etc.  And in most of these exporting nations, bed bugs are no big deal!

 Yahoo Daily News reports that the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is holding another Bed Bug Conference before the year is out, but time and place have not been announced.  Perhaps, EPA is not sure if the public should know that these bedbugs now resist all known pesticides, including the already-banned DDT.  Perhaps, they also do not want to shed light on the possibility that by importing things NOT made in the U.S.A., politicians and businesses have not only hurt the nation’s economy, but may well have affected its health.   This blog site speaks often about bug invasions in the Book of Exodus in wholesale Christian Bibles.  In God’s Word, there are no effective cover-ups, for It shines the light on all hidden things forever!  Now is a good time to read about bug  judgments in Exodus.

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