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Warning From the Crisis of Deformed and Extinct Frogs

posted by Jael Ever @ 12:05 PM
October 25, 2010

Biologists have been shouting warnings that increases in extinctions of amphibian species and weird frog deformities are messages of impending doom to all of earth’s populations.  Scientists have divided opinions about what is causing these galloping statistics among frogs and other amphibians in the United States and around the world.  Some think the problem is excessive insecticide seepage into ponds, lakes and other affected waters.  But most believe that the problem is the massively growing number of disease-carrying parasites in frog habitats caused by Global Warming.

 Deformations in frogs are extreme, including a frog with three heads and six captured in Orlando, Florida.  Other depictions show frogs with missing legs, or three or four legs or mismatched legs as if a different frog’s legs had attached.   And, as if these weren’t odd enough, there is a photo of a worker holding one frog’s mouth open, so that another frog inside of that frog is clearly seen.

 In a National Geographic article, “Frog Extinctions Linked to Global Warming,” Brian Handwerk reports that Global Warming “may cause widespread amphibian extinctions by triggering lethal epidemics.”  His article is based on a study by scientists J. Alan Pounds, et. al, who, for instance, “suggest that many harlequin frog species (Atelopus) across Central and South America have disappeared due to deadly infectious diseases spurred by changing water and air temperatures.”

 Similarly, David Rodrigue, Director of the Ecomuseum in Ste. Anne de Bellevue told the Montreal Gazette that “In the past 50 years, 120 different species [of frogs] have disappeared forever.”  And he warned that, because frogs eat mosquitoes, declines in frog populations mean increases in mosquito populations, and mosquitoes carry diseases that affect human beings.  Because frogs drink through their skin, the causes of air and water pollution, as well as increasing temperatures on their cold-blooded bodies, combine as multiple killers against the species.  Writing that some climate scientists calculate that half of the species on planet earth are already affected by Global Warming, Handwerk concludes that endangered frogs are “canaries in a coal mine.” Their deaths and deformations simply foretell epidemics from Global Warming that will likewise threaten human existence.

 Likewise, in Exodus, chapter eight, of wholesale Christian Bibles, frogs served as a warning to a powerful nation.  Just as the frog population overflowed river banks and then died out, God gave the enslaving nation warning, through the demise of frogs, to repent or face their own self-extinction.  That nation didn’t listen to the warnings exemplified by the frogs.  Hopefully, Christians are praying that nations around the world heed the warnings from frogs this time!

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