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Uncle John Calls Aunt Bea

posted by Uncle John @ 13:42 PM
October 24, 2010

“Hi ya Girl!  This is John.  How ya doing today? 

 “Whoa! Bea did you see that blog that Jael wrote about these here horsemen in that book at the end of the Bible, you know they calls it Revelations I think. 

 “You saw it did you?  What do ya think?  Yeah, yeah, I agree.  I didn’t know we’s suppose to go that deep into the Good Book.  Never heard tell of stuff like this in all my years.

 “Oh you talked to that grouch, Jude, about it too!  What did he say?  That he knew all about it!!!  Now, Bea you know that ain’t true.  That ole cougher ain’t opened a Bible in years.
 “Yeah, yeah I know you want us to start trying to love each other.  But that ole coot is so hard to like, much less to love. hee hee hee.  But I’m gonna start working on that love your enemies stuff too.

 “Anyway, these things Jael talks about sho’ make a fellow think.  Well, I knew Jesus is coming back, but I thought when stuff like these horsemen was happening I’d already be gone to heaven.

 “Oh my Bea.  I ain’t ready.  I just ain’t ready for all of this!

 “What’s that you say, Bea?  I’s got to work on gettin’ ready?  hmmm.  Well, that’s true too.

 “You know what I’m gonna do, Bea?  I’m gonna get me one of them Dake’s Reference Bibles she is always talking about.   And I gonna sign up for them online Bible lessons too.  Yeah, yeah, Bea, you’re right.  It ain’t too late for me to learn.

 “And you tell that know-it-all groach about them Bibles and lessons too!  I know he thinks he already knows everthing, but he can still learn a thing or two himself.  And so can you and all of us too.  I’m gonna have to start talking to my kids and grand kids about this stuff too.  So they can be ready for these last days, as Jael calls it.

 “Well Bea, I know you still canning, getting ready for winter time so I won’t keep you.  Save some of that homemade tomato jam for me too!  I know it is just the best on your homemade rye bread.  Stay warm and stay well girl.  I’ll see you soon.  Bye!”

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