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No One Wants to Tell The Truth About Famine, Part 2

posted by Jael Ever @ 13:30 PM
October 22, 2010

While everyone agrees that the basic causes for predicted world-wide hunger are: droughts and floods from Global Warming, explosive human populations, misuse of water resources, antiquated agricultural methods, etc.––there is one more possibility to explore.  And that is Wall Street trading.  In her article, “How Greed Begets Hunger,” Afua Hirsch, also writing for, insists that food prices have recently jumped 50% because of trader speculation in commodity markets.  Hirsch insists that Wall Street mavins in the United States and England are affecting higher food prices by packaging derivatives products, such as wheat and maize, thus creating massive profits for speculators.

 Further, Hirsch argues that the number of derivative contacts jumped some 500% between 2002 and 2008, and has increased even more as money flowed away from the failing housing industry.  To prove her point, Hirsh cites a very poor third world nation: “ Niger, for example, a fragile west African nation, is experiencing its worst food crisis in years, but is not actually short of food. Mounds of cereals are piled high on market stalls – they are simply too expensive to afford.”

 On the other hand, most observers of world-wide agriculture predict that pervasive famine in the 21st century is inevitable, with or without commodity trading.  They insist that, although producers are trying to greatly increase food harvests, it would take a 70% increase to feed what is estimated will be nine billion people soon living on earth.  Moreover, the fact that drought, heat waves, wheat fungus, late blight and other plant diseases, the use of food substitutes for fuel production, debt-burdened farm financing, excessive rains, and other unexplainable factors have assaulted crop productions around the world means there simply will not be enough food to go around.  And the only solutions for the coming famine advanced thus far are scientifically-altered productions of cultured, or artificial, food stuffs manufactured in laboratories.  Obviously, political and cultural objections will probably quell such ideas.

 Undeniably, the decline, and even dearth, of food production seems almost orchestrated, as if forces are setting the stage for end-time world events.  It is especially the unexplainable factors contributing to these famines that clearly point to Bible prophecies.  If one studies world events from a Biblical point of view, these famines clearly set up Armageddon scenes of food riots, wars and diseases as predicted in Revelations, chapter 6.   Of course, that researcher would have to believe that as much truth exits in Bible prophecies of the future as has been proven factual in past and present times.  And such faith would undoubtedly lead to prayer, repentance and preparation.

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