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Its (Or Was) A Beautiful World, Part 2

posted by Jael Ever @ 11:39 AM
October 20, 2010

Generally, because events in human affairs seem more apprehensible, mainstream media keeps most phenomena in nature’s world hidden from well-publicized view.  For instance, those who search internet blogger news know that rivers are drying up all around the world.  Drying rivers is one of those events of human mismanagement, Global Warming and stealth international warfare that no one in authority wants to talk about.
 It is now estimated that overwhelming numbers of the world’s rivers, lakes and streams are quickly drying up.  These drying waters present impending danger for the fish and other organic wildlife living in these waters, and for communities of fishermen who make their livings from them.  However, these drying waters also put municipal authorities trying to provide fresh drinking water for their citizens in quandaries as well.
 Both in industrialized and poorer nations, much of the cause for drying rivers and streams comes from excessive use of modernized mismanagement.  River waters have been drained and rerouted by massive dam and dyke development around the world which, according to the World Wildlife Federation (WWF), have destroyed some 80% of the Earth’s wetlands and flood-plains.  These wetlands and flood-plains are vital for flood safety and wildlife preservation.  The WWF’s 2010 “Most Endangered Rivers” Report also adds “mining operations, coal-fired generators, and massive dumping of raw sewage” to the list of river killers.  Rivers have also been drained and rerouted to provide water for massive agricultural industries, which may provide food for the short term, but will bring massive disruption of life on earth in the long term. 
 For instance, examples of shrinking or destroyed lakes and rivers around the world include:  1) Amu Darya and Syrdya Rivers in Uzbekstan and Kazakhastanm ruined by Russia’s rerouting and polluting of the Aral Sea, especially with rampant weapons experiments; 2) The Yangtse, Yellow, Indus, Ganges, Brahmaputra, Salween and Mekong rivers in China––all of which are fed by the Himalayan Glaciers where rapidly melting snow merges with soot, causing those rivers to suffer both pollution and drought decline, and affecting China’s fresh water sources as well;  3)  The Biblically famous Dead Sea, dying because its feeding source, the Red Sea, is over-drained in river-war battles between Israel, Jordan and Palestine; and 4) The Colorado River in the United States, down to a comparative trickle because massive dam projects impede its independent flow. 

 This blog will detail these and other examples of river declines in coming editions.  However, it is important that readers review Bible prophecies for the significant symbolism of rivers as emblematic of The Holy Spirit.  Such a study renders warnings about His work on earth, His influence on national and world affairs, and His Biblical warnings of impending judgment.

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