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Its (Or Was) A Beautiful World, Part 1

posted by Jael Ever @ 12:19 PM
October 18, 2010

The singer Ray Charles recorded a thoughtful song titled, “Its A Beautiful World.”  And indeed it use to be so.  But human beings are rushing pell mell to destroy this earth and all of its beauty.   Several factors impel this destruction:  excess modernization––such as too much dam construction; massive contamination of oceans and water-ways from pharmaceutical compounds and paraphernalia, mining wastes and other trash from human consumption; uncontrolled deforestation; overfishing, over-hunting and other non-normal-for-food animal-killing habits; unnecessary land development destroying animal habitats, and, of course, over-industrialization creating Global Warming, etc.

 This blog site writes about all these and other earth-destroying maladies.  Many of these reports involve man’s disregard for the precious waters of the earth.  Peter McIntyre, zoologist at the University of Wisconsin, and Charles Vorosmarty of the City of University of New York, an expert on global water resources, have issued a stunning report on the planet’s riverine ecosystems.  Published in Nature magazine this month, these scholars reveal that the wealthiest nations of the world are destroying earth’s river systems, thereby affecting the water supply for some five billion people.  Misplaced emphasis on dam building is largely to blame, but polluted waters from chemicalized agricultural runoffs, destruction of wetlands for real estate development, excessive water-works engineering and massive pockets of drought share responsibility as well.

 “What made our jaws drop is that some of the highest threat levels in the world are in the United States and Europe,” says McIntyre.  Working with an international team, the two scholars found that more than 65 percent of the world’s rivers are at risk.  In fact, it seems that the safest natural waters are in areas with slight human population.  In a continuing series, this blog site will illustrate examples of disappearing lakes and shrinking rivers in major nations around what was once a beautiful world.

 A basic verse in wholesale Christian Bibles is Genesis 1: 31- “And God saw every thing that he had made, and, behold, [it was] very good, . . . .”  As noted in Dake’s Reference Bible, this image of a beautiful world came after a severe judgment of the earth’s pre-adamite population when Satan, his angels and their earthly followers were kicked out of heaven and earth.  Thus the verb “made” is used for earth’s make-over in this saga rather than “created” as in Genesis 1: 1.  Of course, the better known of whole-earth-judgments in Genesis is Noah and the Ark.  But in both instances, human greed and self-serving debaucheries, fed by every evil influence, left no choice but to restore the world to its natural state of beauty and give mankind another chance for redemption.  And so it shall be again:  After world-wide judgment, another new (and next to final, by the way) beginning!

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